Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby appt yesterday!! 15 weeks

We had our baby appt yesterday! Kiwi and G went with me. (It was G's first time to see his little guy.) Kiwi was so cute waving to Baby G and talking to him. Again, Baby G was very active. We were able to get a very quick glimpse of a penis though .....YAY!!!! G is thrilled! Everything is going smoothly with the pregnancy and he is growing just fine. We go back in at 19 weeks for our BIG u/s.

Monday, June 6, 2011

first OBGYN appt!!!

Today was my first OBGYN! It was also the first time I've done an u/s w/o G our one of my parents and Kiwi there. Baby G (that is what we'll call our little guy. As we are doing the guys as G's and us girls as Ks) is measuring great! He was a very active little guy today. (I was so hoping for a mellow little one this time. Kiwi is a handful and a half!!!!)

About my itching. Doc said it could be a reaction to the PIO shot, or to my soap or detergent. We shall see soon if it is the shot (hopefully.) As last night was my last shot!!! YAY!!! I finish the rest of the progesterone tomorrow. I am so excited!!

Another cool thing I found out today...... since Kiwi was a c-section, Baby G will be too. Doc is saying it will be set a week before my due date. So, looks like I will get my 3 in his bday!!!! He'll be born 12/13/11 if all goes well!!!

hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad blogger!!!

I haven't gotten online in ages!!! So sorry. Plus, life is pretty boring. Nothing new going on, really.

I finally pulled out the maternity clothes. Today I am wearing a pair of jeans. They are too big, but better than the rubber band trick (that was holding my pre-prego jeans together.)

Te pregnancy is going well. We will be 12 weeks along on Monday!! I can'[t believe it. I go to my first OBGYN appt Monday as well. YAY!! I am still super exhausted, a little nausea still....but the worst thing lately is the itching. I get welts and itch like crazy!! I think I might be allergic to the progesterone or something. I'll ask about it when I see the doc. I do end all meds (except baby aspirin) on the 7th....YAY!!!!

Kiwi has hit the terrible twos with a vengeance!!! She is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!! Tantrums non stop! We are supposed to take a road trip to see my sister this summer....that should be fun with!! LOL.

See, like I said, nothing really new here.