Sunday, October 31, 2010

2 Years ago today.....

2 years ago on November 1st, our miracle was placed inside my belly! Nov. 1st was our FET (frozen embryo transfer.) We transfered in three 5 day old embryos. Then, we waited, prayed, hoped, wished.....for a miracle! We sure got that mircale!!

As Hallowwen approached this year, I began thinking back to halloween last year, our daughter's first halloween. I remembered her in her adorable little lady bug costume. I remembered showing her off to friends, and how my parents faces lite up when they saw her all dressed up. I recalled all the pictures taken. The 3 outfits she had (baby's first Halloween onsie for the day, costume, and halloween pjs for sleeping.)

Remembering all that from last year made me think about the Halloween of 2008. Where was I? I tried to recall. Then, it hit me!!! We were at my parents house that night. We stayed the night there, because our fet was set for the following day. We lived hours away, and my parents were closer to the doctor's office.

That is when the overflowing of emotions began! Thinking of that Halloween, and the day afetr, Nov. 1st. Halloween '08 was my last childless halloween. No more racing to the door to see someone else's princess or knight (witch or devil,) I get to dress my own ballerina (or lady bug from '09) up and take her out myself. I can not express how grateful, thankful and blessed I am to finally have my miracle!!

I had a long journey to get to motherhood. A journey with many bumps! I am writing this now (years later) as a way of venting it all out, of hopefully helping someone else who is infertile and having a rough time, who may stubble across this blog. I will share more of my journey in another post. Right now I am exhausted from taking my (miracle) 15 month old Ballerina trick-or-treating. Please feel free to follow along as I talk (rant and sometimes rave) about my past journey, and as I (hopefully soon) start a new one to bring a baby boy into (and complete) our family. Thank you.