Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fert report, day after ER

G got the call from my RE. Looks like 12 embryos have fertilized and are growing good. (The othe r2 have fertilized too, I guess, but are behind a little.) YAY!!!!!!! Grow embies grow!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm in so much pain!!! They were able to get 14 eggs today.....14!!!!! 12 of which the RE said were mature. So, I am super relieved. Now., to go rest some more.

Monday, March 28, 2011

(pull that) TRIGGER (shot)

So, my appt today put my mind at ease. My RE told me that he is certain that we'll get at least 10 eggs. However, he believes that only 8 will be of good quality. I feel better!

I am all set for ER on Weds. morning at 10 am!!!! I will do my Trigger shots tonight (still waiting to hear if I do one or both) at 11:30 pm. G is the one that gives me my shots, so it is going to be a rough time. He wakes up at 2 am, so he is in bed before 8 pm. So, I'll have to wake him up. He is NOT a good person to wake up. There is kicking, screaming and many more awful things....that he doesn't recall doing. LOL. I may just have to suck it up and do the shot myself. However, I just don't think I can mentally do it.

I am planning on staying at my parents Tues and Weds nights. (As they live closer. Plus, I'll need all the help I can with watching Kiwi after the ER.) So, I probably won't be able to get online and update until I am home Thurs. night. (Same applies to my 2-3 days of bed rest after ET.) Sorry if I go MIA for a little while. I will update as soon as I am able to.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So, had another u/s and bw appt yesterday. (Thankfully both my parents were able to come with me. My Mom even got a lesson on how to give shots (progesterone.) As she'll be the one to give them to me while I am on bed rest after ET. G works and is already having to get off 2 days for the ER and ET. He'll be getting a break at home while Kiwi and I stay with my parents.)

If you thought I was worried about my 10 little eggs growing in my uterus, then watch out!!! Yesterday, I was downsized to maybe 8!!!! I'm so worried! The nurse said that we only get 4 or 5 to fertilize, they may suggest that we don't do the pgd. The entire point of doing this ivf (fresh cycle) was to complete out family with a "blood" boy for G. I've known all along that G may not even contribute any male sperm, but i never went over in my head the possibility that we wouldn't get enough embryos to even test.

Other than that, we are still all set for a Weds. ER.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!!!! Today's appt.

This cycle is kicking my butt!! I am so sore and completely exhausted. I want to go nap, hide under the covers for the rest of the day. (Do you think G will go for that? LOL.)

Well, "Wand-a" was her usual pushy, mean self. LOL. The doc saw no cyst in my right ovary today, good thing. He said that I have 5 eggs on each ovary, so we should expect at least 10 eggs at ER. He said that 10 is "ok." I had 14 last time, but he reminded me that I am older now. I'm nervous bc we were told that if we didn't make that many embryos, they could choose not to test (pgd.) Last time we had 14 eggs, and 7 embryos. I'm so nervous now that we'll get only 5 embryos. Which will lower our chances of boy embryos!!! I'm just worried, but I know that this is all out of my hands.

I go back on Friday for another u/s and bw appt.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yesterdays bw

So, I was able to get into my RE's office yesterday. I did my bw (took a whole 2 minutes) and got 2 more boxes of Bravelle. My meds will be there waiting on me Weds. when I go in for my next Re appt. (u/s with my friend "wand-a" LOL and more bw.)

Yesterdays bw came back good, so I am still on the same med levels. I have little blue, purple bruises (one not so little.) On my tummy. Plus, I think I am allergic to the glue in the bandaids I havem I have red bandaid marks too. :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011


So, it occurred to G and I tonight, that I only have 1 box (5 vials) of Bravelle left. (After I had taken my nightly dose.) I won't get my meds until Weds. and I am supposed to take 5 vials a night! DOH!!! Originally they had prescribed 3 vials, but my doc called after that and upped my does to 5 a night. I was going to go to a lab local to my house tomorrow to have my bw done there, however, I think I am now going to drive to my RE's and do it there. In hopes that they will have an extra pack or two of Bravelle that they can give me. (I don't know how many vials I am going to be taking starting tomorrow, as that is what the bw is for. However, I doubt I'll have enough for 2 nights with the 5 I have left.) I just hope that they are in this office tomorrow (the office I go to is a sub office. The main office is in OC.)

Wish me luck!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

and we're off!!!!!

Appt went well today (beside the fact that I had cyst on my right ovary. Left one looked great and the RE isn't concerned with the cyst.)We paid the fortune for the ivf!!! I start my injections and oral meds tonight!!

This time I am doing Lupron, Bravelle and Menopur! G gets to play darts with my tummy again. LOL.

Basically, I take my meds and injections nightly. Here is a time frame break down.
Monday, 3/21: bw at a lab close to my home (taking Kiwi to play with a friend) at the crack of dawn (actually 8-9 am, but close enough to dawn for my taste. LOL.)After this bw, my doses for meds could change depending on what the results are. Weds. 3/23 and Friday 3/25: RE appt (u/s and bw probably) at the office close to me. Monday 3/28: RE app at their main office. (I will get new instructions then.) THEN, if everything goes as planned: Monday: 3/30 ER and either a day 3 ET on 4/2 or a day 5 (which is the best) ET on 4/4!!!!!

So, on 4/4 I will PUPO!!!! (Pregnant until proven otherwise!!) How exciting!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow.....

Ok, I called this morning and set my appt for u/s and bw (and hopefully a timeline and meds order) to get this ball rolling! It is tomorrow at 10 am. Same time as G's for his SA. So, it'll hopefully work out that he will be able to do his thing and then help watch Kiwi during the u/s and stuff.

I'm so nervous and excited now!! In two weeks (or so,) I will be pregnant!! :) (Positive thinking!!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here we go......

AF came today, at day 27. How odd is she? 4 months + straight at day 26. Then, the day of my RE 26....she didn't come. Waited until day 28. Now this month day 27? Goodness!!!

I called and left a message for my RE. If I don't hear back from them by tomorrow afternoon, I'll call the office. (I left the message on his cell tonight.) I had called earlier in the day to set G's appt for his SA. That is all set for 10 am on Saturday, at RE's main office in the OC. Hopefully I'll get an appt time then too. As, I know they make appts for day 3-4. Since they are closed on Sunday, I hope it will be Sat. (My parents are helping my sis and her BF move out of state this weekend, and won't be home until Tues. Perfect timing!! Geez! LOL. WE got a 2 week notice that they were moving. But it is something that they have wanted for years. However, with them gone, and G working hours away. I'd have to ask a friend to sit Kiwi if I have any appts.)

Well, I will update when I hear anything. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fablulous uterus!!

So, mid cycle u/s done. CHECK!!! That was awful and painful, ouch! I wish sometimes my RE was a she and not a he. That way maybe he'd be a little more gentle. I felt violated. LOL.

He said that I have a fabulous uterus and that it is perfect! Great news!! He then showed me my "one egg for the month." (His words.) We had a talk about my prolactin levels. He let me decide if I wanted to go on treatment now, wait and do nothing, or test again today. I choose treatment. So, I have a prescription for Dostinex.

I now for wait AF again!!!