Monday, July 20, 2015

Onto mock cycle...surrogacy journey

Yesterday I went into the RE to start my mock cycle. This is the last thing needed for this RE to medically clear me to be IFs GS. I start taking estrace, then progesterone, then I'll have a biopsy done on cd19. (I will have to make two additional trips to the RE.) Hopefully this all goes wonderfully and we'll have clearance w/in the first week or so of August! I did also hear from my SCM that IFs may have found another potential ED (egg donor.) This one just did a donor cycle, so she'll have to wait until Sept./Oct. time to do another cycle. Ideally, if everything came back good with the mock cycle, we could transfer (do ivf) Aug. or Sept. So, this only potentially pushes things back an additional month. It would be great to transfer by October. :)Once I get the med clear from RE, I move into the contract stage with IFs.

The carnival comes to town...Kiwi turns 6!

The carnival came to our home this past weekend! Kiwi is turning 6 years old!! (Going into 1st grade!) I can't believe it! This year I wanted her party to be tons of fun...while also being something enjoyable for both girls and boys. So, I came up with a fun carnival theme. We had 6 game booths, face painting,popcorn cupcakes, cotton candy, hot dogs, caramel apples...and everything else "carnival". Even the unexpected thunderstorm that sprang up hours before the party didn't deter the good times!! Everyone had a blast! Happiest of birthdays to my Kiwi! I love you and I love being your Mom!

Friday, July 10, 2015

(partial) Medical Clearance

I received the lab results from IFs RE.....everything looks good!My vitamin D levels were lower than they'd like to see, so I will start taking supplements of those. I have been given the green light to do the mock cycle/transfer when AF comes this month. I go in on CD2 to start that process. Which should be mid month. YAY!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

One step forward...two steps back

I really like IFs RE clinic :) I called on Tuesday to set my initial consult appt. To my surprise, they were able to get me in the next day! The clinic is in downtown LA, so it's pretty far traffic. I met with a doctor who went over all my medical history with me, gave me the low down on the process (which I knew) and then started testing. I had a pap done, blood drawn and a another screening test where they insert a catheter, inject solution to inflate the cervix, and then take pics.(I forget the medical name.) I was told that everything looked good. So, we are one step forward!! I call on CD1 and go in CD2 to start my mock transfer/cycle. However, I found out on Tuesday that the egg donor the IFs choose was not approved. :( So, they are back at square one again...looking for a donor. Hopefully they'll find an approved one we can do transfer as soon as mock cycle and my clearance is done :)