Friday, November 20, 2015

Donor's labs are in.....

So, after taking over two weeks to get the labs back in....the results are finally here and we don't have any progress :( The RE tested ED's blood for diseases, etc and there is one big group panel, and then each thing tested in the group panel also has it's own individual test too. Well, the group panel came back that she was positive for something.....BUT each individual test came back negative. So, the RE says it was a false positive on the group panel. Which means that ED will have to retest!! From personally speaking to my IFs I learned that the RE was confident that she will pass testing and feelings that she is the ED from them, they will have to just sign paperwork saying that the ED is known to them (like if she were family or a friend) because the clinic won't move forward with an agency (unknown) ED if there is a false positive. Since my IFs have skyped with ED, they technically do "know" each they have no problem signing that paperwork. ED is out of the country traveling right now and will return by mid December. Which pushed everything back an additional month, hence no progress. If she gets back and tests again mid December and it takes another 2 weeks, then we'll be in January by the time results come in for her to get med clearance. So, if all goes well and she gets med cleared, looking like a February or March transfer likely. However, there was no mention again of having to monitor two months of menstrual, if they are still thinking of doing that, it could push transfer back a few more months. I called my IFs yesterday because I have a cruise, that I paid for in April of 2015, set for April of 2017. It is still so far away, but, it does mean that I would need a transfer before May of I'd have at least 2 months postpartum before my cruise. That added even more pressure....hopefully this ED will pass and we'll be able to get the ball on the road for a January or February transfer....and hopefully that transfers works and results in a pregnancy and healthy birth :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ED has done her medical info. back

Hi all :) So, the ED got into the RE this past Monday for her med screening. YAY!! I heard from my SCM that the RE and staff loved her...however, there was one concern. ED has been on BCPs (birth control pills) for 10 consecutive years. This fact concerns the RE. We are still waiting for the lab work to come this is all circumstantial. However, the RE may suggest that ED has two (monthly) cycles monitored, to make sure everything is working as it should...before even starting the process of the egg retrieval cycle. Not the news we wanted to transfer could potentially be pushed back past January. I'll keep you posted.