Friday, May 31, 2013

are we there yet???

no, I'm not traveling....I'm just wondering are we there (August) yet? I'm exhausted!!!!!! It hasn't even been a month since the dark, wee hours on mother's day when G left.....but it feels like forever!!! I have no patience, a constant headache and my give a damn is busted!! Two kids under four, who seem to be constantly EXHAUSTING!!! Add to that the fact that I'm moving (in less than two weeks) and have to pack by myself.....while entertaining two kids!!! Needless to say, its been rough these passed three weeks. (even more so since the three of us each got the flu!! I had it so bad I couldn't get out of bed and had to get an IV & two bags of fluids!!!) Maybe I can take a vacation when G gets home!!! (a girl can dream, right?? Lol)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


The only thing constant in life, is change! We certainly have changes going on in our life. First, let me just say that we had an amazing trip to FL!! I have been blessed with such wonderful parents, who are so incredibly selfless, that they'd take us 4 on a "kids" vacation instead of going somewhere for them! I was so shocked at how well both kids did on the long (cross country) flights! I was mentally prepared for tantrums and fits....but there was none! Bubba had some fussiness on the return flight, but other than that...perfect angles! It was so great to get away and have some fun! Now, for the changes............ The beginning of the week we left for FL we finally heard some news on the house (the one we had received an accepted offer from the seller's on March 6.) The bank had approved the short sale on the second mortgage! YAY! Then, the day before we left for our trip, we got more news. The bank had decided, after dragging their feet taking 6 weeks to make their decision, that the houses value had gone up $40,000 and therefore they were rejecting our offer!!! OMG! Seriously!?!? Unfortunately the market did go up....and we couldn't afford any house now at all!! So, G and I decided that we LOVE the house, we LOVE the neighborhood, and we LOVE the we upped our offer by $20,000 (raising our would be mortgage payment $100 a month) and then we waited! We were told it could take 14-21 days for a decision. It took, literally, 21 days.....and today, we found out that the bank has accepted our new offer!!!!! We are hoping to start the escrow process Monday. BUT, that isn't the biggest change happening around here!! This past Tues. (the 7th, two days ago) G called me in the morning and told me that he had some news regarding his job! He said he had two choices.... 1) He could be laid off immediately (he is a contractor, and the aircraft he was supposed to be working on has not shown up) OR 2.) He could catch a plane on Thursday (the for VA, where he would have work until August. So, he had a 48 hour notice that he would lose his job, or have to move to VA for 4 months!! Of coarse, we choose VA. Thankfully his boss was able to push his departure back to Sunday. G has been off work spending time with the kids and I since Weds. It is going to be so incredibly tough to have him gone for 4 be alone every day with two kids. (Having the extra eyes, hands, arms, etc. is so nice.) Now, I have to pack up an entire house and move (all while taking care of two little ones) by myself too!!!!! G is hoping to come out for a weekend in July, for Kiwi's b-day and bc we have Kenny Chesney concert tix. It really sucks!! Especially bc I had bought G tix to see Jeff Dunham for his b-day, and now we can't go........Kiwi has a dance recital in June and G and her were going to be part of the father/daughter dance (which I paid $75 for them to be in, non refundable) and now I had to beg my dad to do it with her!!!! This sucks!!!!!