Friday, February 26, 2016

Transfer Day!!

Hi all, it's been crazy busy here for me...being a wife, mom, Girl Scout Leader, Girl Scout Cookie Coordinator, and a surrogate all at the same time, YIKES! So, Transfer was pushed back a day bc the ED wasn't responding to meds in the way the clinic had hoped. So, She did her ER on Thursday and got 26 eggs. 21 of which were mature. Each of my IFs donated their "contribution" and had embryos made from each. That way we could transfer one genetic embryo from each IF. From my understanding, they have 3-5 embryos left to freeze. We had transfer day on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd!! G drove me to the RE clinic in Los Angeles after we dropped Kiwi and Bubba off at school. My SCM, Debbie, met us there, along with one of my IFs and his mom (who happened to be visiting from France.) My other IF just started a new job and was unable to take the day off. I got all settled in the room , then the 4 of them were able to join to watch the whole transfer process. It was great! I now have 2 embryos, hopefully all snuggled in. I have my beta on Tuesday, March 1st! (The pic is of the 2 embryos that were transferred.)