Sunday, December 11, 2011

Less than 4 days!!

Well, c-section time has been set. (1:30 pm on the 15th.) I am officially in my last few days of pregnancy with my little guy! :) YAY!!

This weekend was spent as a family. We had a great time. It was sad to think that soon Kiwi will no longer be an only child, but a big sister. (Sad, but happy too.) I really hope she does well with having to share her Mommy. (I actually think she'll have a harder time sharing her Grammie and Grandpa.)

This past week has been a stressful and drama filled one for us, so the good weekend we had was much needed. This past Tues., G pressured and begged me to allow his Mom to visit the hospital. I have told him since before we did the ivf that I was not comfortable with her and do not wish to have visit me nor baby G while we are at the hospital. I was hoping that just his once my wishes would be honored and respected by this awful women....... I was wrong!! (I mean, who am I to set boundaries about who visits me while I am in the hospital recovering from a c-section surgery?) On Tues., I finally gave in. I was sick of fighting about it. I told G that she could have a SHORT visit the day after the baby was born. (I didn't want stress on son's bday.) Well, apparently she was ungrateful for what I was giving. Bc she proceeded to yell at G and tell him that she couldn't make it the day after bc she was busy all day that day running errands for our niece's dance recital that evening!!! ERRANDS!!! She still had 10 days left between Tues. and the following Friday (the day after my planned c-sec.) She went on to tell G that it isn't fair that my parents get to go to the hospital on the day the baby is born. Fair? Seriously lady? My parents never disowned us and abused us for over 5 years. In fact if it weren't for my parents loaning us the money for the ivf, we wouldn't even be pregnant!! My parents will also be babysitting Kiwi for us while at the hospital (and my Mom is staying after to help once I get home too. All mere days before hosting Christmas at her home for both sides of my family, and having family traveling and staying with from out of state and country. But, she isn't complaining about not having enough time for errands.) Plus, I am comfortable with my parents....which is really all that should matter. Anyway, I didn't back down. I said that if it is that important to her to see the baby at the hospital, she will only be allowed to do so on Friday (or the day after his birth, if he comes sooner.) She'll have to run her errands earlier. Well, she continued to call G and harass him about this issue for days. (She even called his siblings and dragged them into it.) Finally, yesterday she calls him to yell at him once again and then proceeds to tell him that she has decided that she is done with him. We are taking that to mean that she is once again disowning him and doesn't want to be a part of his life nor in our children's lives. After all the drama and stress she put on us, she says that she is done with him!!!! What a crazy w(b)itch!!!!! As much as it hurts my hubby, I really hope she stays out of all of our lives for good now!!

********************************* UPDATE!!!!***************************************
OK, after her call on that Saturday telling G that she is now done with him (again.) She ended up calling him at 6:00 AM the next Monday. While he was at work. Why? Oh, just to reiterate the fact that she was done with him!!!!!!!!! WTF!! G was crushed and so hurt. She is seriously crazy! HOWEVER.......after all that drama and bs (I had to tell the nurses that she was not premitted to visit, giving them her name and having to have our visitors check in with them) she tahnkfully didn't show up at the hospital. My BIL came on Friday (the day after the baby was born) and informed us that the errand excuse was all a lie. (Supposedly the errands were needed to be ran for our niece's dance recital that evening...Friday night.) We found out from BIL that the dance recital was in fact on Thursday and the only thing that MIL had planned for Friday was a samll tree lighting ceremony....she threw a fit about a tree lighting cermeony? The nerve of that women still amazes me. (She wrote on her fb a comment about how upset she is about the choices I have made.....ME!!! I am only reacting to what she has done to us. I'm not comfortable being around, nor having my children around her bc of what she has done.********

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!

YIKES!!! Although I am only 37w3d, Baby G is set to come 2 weeks from today (Dec.15.) I'm excited, but nervous! I still have all my fears about how I am going to be able to handle being a Mommy to two (a really needy toddler and a newborn.) But, now I am starting to fear the spinal/epidural. My experience with Kiwi was not a pleasant one at all.

I have had no contractions, and the doc says that I am not dilated at all. I still have major back pain alot, but now I also have extreme muscle pain on the upper left side of my tummy (just under my beast.) It is awful. I can't wait for all the pains to go away, and to meet, see and hold my baby!!