Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!

YIKES!!! Although I am only 37w3d, Baby G is set to come 2 weeks from today (Dec.15.) I'm excited, but nervous! I still have all my fears about how I am going to be able to handle being a Mommy to two (a really needy toddler and a newborn.) But, now I am starting to fear the spinal/epidural. My experience with Kiwi was not a pleasant one at all.

I have had no contractions, and the doc says that I am not dilated at all. I still have major back pain alot, but now I also have extreme muscle pain on the upper left side of my tummy (just under my beast.) It is awful. I can't wait for all the pains to go away, and to meet, see and hold my baby!!

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