Monday, October 31, 2011

catching up... 33 weeks!! (oh, and an EA update)

Has it already been 5 weeks already?! My goodness how time flies. Sorry, I have had a lot going on here.

Last time I posted was shortly after my Sept. 21st doc appt. My next appt after that was set for 3 weeks later. Two days before my appt the office calls me to reschedule because my doc had a family emergency. I made my appt with the only other doc in the practice that I had seen (only one time at that,) for the day after my original appt. Well, it ended up that I would have to reschedule that appt too. G's grandmother passed away unexpectedly and we had to go out of state to for that. We were gone a week, in AZ. Let me just tell you that it was hot as hell in OCT!!!! G was gone mostly all day tending to the estate and those matters. So, it was just me, my huge 30 week belly, and Kiwi, a rambucious 2 year old!! It was exhausting!! As soon as we got back, I called my doc to set up the earliest appt they had. I learned that my doc was still out with her emergency and was not expected to return until Nov. I made an appt for this past Tues., the 25th. I made it with the doctor I had seen one other time.

A day or two after I made my appt, the office called me. It was finally the c-section scheduler calling. It had taken her 4 1/2 weeks to call me!! (WTF!!) She called on Friday, about half hour before their office closed. She informed me that my c-section was all set for the 14th at the outdated, small (only 6 maternity rooms) hospital!!!! WHAT?! I tried to correct her and informed her that my doc and I had set the date way back at my very first appt at like 10 weeks, the 13th, that we had confirmed that date at my last appt on 9/21. I also tried to correct her about the hospital. She "sweetly" told me that I had no other options bc all the other hospitals were full and if I didn't want to deliver at the one she could set the surgery at, then I would just have to go into labor. Then she said have a good weekend and hung up!!! What a sweet lady!! I literally hung up the phone and called G crying my eyes out. (Kiwi was so upset for me, she offered to get me a bandaid. Too cute.) I ended up calling my Mom (who was on vacation on the East coast) crying my eyes out. I couldn't call the lady back bc the office was closed. So, I called the hospital I wanted to deliver at (well, not my original choice bc my original hospital, the new one, still doesn't have a contract with my insurance!! But G and I toured another on of the local hospitals who just opened a new women's center. We were impressed, so that is where we decided to deliver.) I left a message with the nurse there. Then I called the po-dunk hospital they set my c-section at. I wanted to see what they had to offer. I was totally disappointed! The nurse (although really great and nice) informed me they only have 6 maternity rooms. They are actually closing that part of the hospital bc of the new women's expansion at their sister hospital (where I want to deliver.) They have no private rooms, which means that I can't have anyone stay the night! That was not an option for me. As I know that after a c-section you aren't supposed to move out o bed for 24 hours (at least that is what I was told after Kiwi's.)

Monday morning I got a call back from the nurse at the hospital I want to deliver at. She left me a message basically saying that they do have openings and that maybe it was just my doctor who wasn't able to to do the surgery that day. She suggested that I see if another one of the doctors in the practice could do my surgery. So, I called my doc's office. I spoke with a really nice lady on the phone. Told her about the awful way I was treated by the surgery scheduler there and inquired if I could speak to the other doctor about my suergy. The other doctor was on call, but she left her a message. I wasn't too worried bc I was set to see her the next day anyway.

Tuesday afternoon, we get to the doctor's (5 weeks after my last appt. 2 weeks over due.) Come to find out that the doctor I was supposed to see was just called to deliver a baby. GREAT!! I had already been in the waiting room a good 20 minutes, so I begged to see the third doctor in the practice. (I was already over due for my appt., plus it is a huge hassle to make a late afternoon appt that G can attend. I have to have someone there to watch Kiwi, and my parents were still out of town.)The other doctor agreed to see me, thank God! Everything is going well with Baby G!! We then discussed my c-section nightmare. She said that she would talk to the scheduler and see what they could do about trying to fix the issues. Honestly, at this point I didn't care too much about the date, I just wanted to make sure I delivered at the right hospital.

The next day I got the call. Baby G is now set to be born, at the right hops ital, on Dec. 15th!!! I am still secretly hoping I'll go into labor on the 13th. :) That way we will all have lucky 3's in our bdays. (Mine is the 30th of Nov., Kiwi the 23rd of July and G is March 5, so 3/5. Plus, both my siblings are born of the 3rd of the month.) I go back in for my next appt on the 9th. I'm sooooooooooooooo ready to not be pregnant anymore. My back is killing me. LOL.

On the EA front, I got an email today from the couple we had "matched" with. It seems that perhaps I'm some sort of adoption lucky charm! :) They got the call on Friday that a BM choose them. She is due Dec. 8th. So, they could become parents before Baby G even gets here!! I'm so happy for them! I really hope this works out for them.

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