Wednesday, September 28, 2011

28 weeks!!

Well, I have nothing new to report!! Baby G is doing well! He is a moving and shaking in there. My last doc appt was the 21st and I was able to set his birthday, Dec. 13th (unless he decides to come early and put me in labor.) I'm so excited!! Still waiting for the surgery person to call and set the time and stuff. But, I guess there is no rush. The hospital I am hoping to deliver at just opened recently and still doesn't have a contract with my (very common) insurance provider. So, I am hoping that by Dec. they will have the issues worked out. I have maternity tours set for the other 2 hospitals locally as well, just in case.

I go back in to the doc the 12th. I only had a 3 week wait this time. Then after that it'll go to 2 week apart appts, then once a week. Yikes!! I'm so close it is scaring the crap outta me!! Only 2 1/2 months left and I have too much to do still!!!

I'll leave you with a few belly pics to look at. The first was taken at 18 weeks and the second was taken at 26w4d. (I'm so bad this time around, those are the only two belly pics I have taken. Shame on me!!)