Friday, July 6, 2012

6 months old!!

Well, Bubba is 6 months old (June 15th.) I can't believe it!! Time flies. I also can't believe that Kiwi will be 3 years old in a few weeks!!! At his 6 month check up, he weighed in at 15 lbs and 13oz., which is the 10th percentile. (He was in the 50th percentile for weight at 2 months. No one is worried about his weight, especially bc he eats like a horse. He is now in stage 2 baby foods and eats at least one container at each feeding, if he doesn't have baby cereal. I'm not concerned, bc Kiwi was 16 lbs at age 1. LOL. I can't believe that at 6 months, Bubba, is what Kiwi weighed at 1.) He is also 28in long, a mere 8 inches shorter that his big sister! Wow! he's going to be a tall boy. (His height is in the upper 90th percentile.) Just after Bubba turned 6 months, I noticed that he had TWO teeth coming in on the bottom! TWO!!!! So, he has his first tooth teeth. He looks adorable! When we did Kiwi's 6 month pictures, she was just beginning to sit tripod style. Bubba hadn't even sat (tripod or any style) for more than 5 seconds w/o tumbling over. So, I worked with him a little bit as his picture appt approached. But, alas, no use, he would continue to fall w/in seconds. Well, low and behold, the appt arrives. I proceed to tell the photographer that he can't sit or even tripod, but we want to at least attempt a "sitting" pic, so, she had better be ready to click away quickly. So, I sat him on his booty, and what do you know, he sat....straight up....forever!! :) (You can see his 6 month picture from the photo shoot on the side bar. Below is the pic I took with his bear, Winter, on the day he actually turned 6 months.)I was so proud! But, I now realize that he is more like G than I ever knew, he likes to prove Mommy wrong. LOL. Nothing new happening here. G has began working 5 days at 10 hours a day. Oh how I miss his old 4 days a week at 10 hours schedule. (He had a 4 day weekend every other week.) We are getting everything ready for Kiwi's Pinkalicious 3rd b-day party. We are holding her party at a local indoor jump house place, followed by pizza. I am (as usual) planning to go way over board with PINK!!! I plan on making at least 3 dz cupcakes (chocolate with strawberry frosting, white pink cake with either pink frosting or Dun.can Hi.nes new frosting with the bubble gum mix ins, and then possibly strawberry cake with pink frosting.) I am also making pink rice crispy treats, pink popcorn, and pink cupcake cake pops! (Of course we'll have pink lemonade to drink and my parents already got 2 different colors of pink m&ms.) I can't wait for her party! I know she'll love it, so I'm so excited!!!