Thursday, July 28, 2011

19 week u/s.... not so BIG

It was great to have my parents, Kiwi and my brother (only missing G) there with me on Tues. for my u/s. I was bummed to learn that it would not be the BIG one that I thought it would be. Apparently my OB sends out for the BIG u/s. So, I'll make an appt for next week.

Everyone saw Baby G and were completely amazed at the miracle of him, modern science and u/s.

Monday, July 25, 2011

BIG weekend and an EA update!!!!!

Hi all. Sorry, I have been awful at blogging since the ivf.

This Saturday Kiwi turned 2 years old!!! I can't believe my "baby" is already 2! The time does fly! On Friday we went to water play park (Think wadding pool with kiddie slide set in it and water features squirting all over) with one of Kiwi's best friends (her Mom is also one of my best friends.) We had fun, but the water was way too cold and Kiwi got very cold very quickly. We spent more time warming up then we did swimming. Bt it was fun none-the-less. Then the big day...... Saturday G actually took off from work. We went to my parents area and took Kiwi to her favorite park. It has a small zoo in it, as well as a train to ride and pony rides too. We did it all!!! She had a blast. That evening we had a small family get together with pizza and cupcakes, at my parents. My extended family came. My brother even flew in form London, England!! (Only missing my sister and Grandma on my Mom's side.) It was fun! The big event was yesterday. We, along with my parents and brother took her to Disneyland!!!! She had a blast. G and my brother had to leave early (G for work an my brother for other engagements) but, we stayed late an saw the fireworks. It was a great day!! Kiwi had a blast! I'm so exhausted! LOL.

Now, an update on EA (embryo adoption.) I am a big planner. Late last year, I decided to try and fin a good home for the current embryos we had frozen, as well as any that would result from this recent cycle. Somehow I came across a women's blog. She was starting the process of either domestic or embryo adoption. (I literally stumbled upon her blog, from another blog I follow. Or maybe she was a blog of a blog. LOL.) Anyway, after reasing and following her blog for awhile I felt inclined to contact her and see if they would possibly be a match for our embryos. (This was in Nov. 2010.) She emailed me back and asked what we were looking for, regarding them and EA. I promptly got back to her, but then never heard another word from her. I assumed that we weren't a match after all. I continued to follow her blog, and she mine. But never again had contact about EA.

I then turned to Miracles Waiting and found an amazing couple. We built a great friendship and talked via email daily, from Jan. until I had my ivf in March.(We talked about everything, not just EA. It was really great.) After the ivf our contact became less frequent. Kiwi needed more attention from me so my computer time became less. But, I also felt strange bc here I was pregnant and she wasn't. I didn't want her to think that I was rubbing it in or anything. (Not that she would've at all. It was just in my head.) One day I got an email from her (not unusual at all) but, it wasn't our normal "hi, how are you? Did you watch the show last night" emails. It was early in June, and she had become a mother! We had told them to continue presuing all options, regarding adoption, bc our ivf was still months away. (We knew they were with a domestic agency.) They had gotten a call one day saying that their son was just born and awaiting their arrival at the hospital! I was so happy for her! But on the flip side I was sad about our embryos. Her email had said that in the future the would be hoping to do EA. G and I didn't want our embryos to sit in the freezer for a long time. Plus, now they had a boy.....and the majority of our embryos were male. I didn't know if they would want to have 2 boys, or if they would just want to adopt a girl/ girl embryos. So, with a heavy heart, I began my search again.

I went onto Miracles Waiting again, but wasn't impressed. Nothing felt "right" to me like they had. THEN, I decided to check the blogs I follow (just like I have been bad at posting, I have been equally bad at following. Sorry ladies.) There, on my friends blog, the same friend I had contacted in Nov., there was a post about EA. Her blog had made a turn to domestic adoption. So, I was shocked to see a post about EA. Her post basically said that they are interested in EA again. It felt like it was a sign. So, I swallowed my fear (of rejection) and contacted her again. Nearly a week later, I got a response....the response. Yes, we may be a match. She had felt that way the entire time, but just didn't know how to express it to me after so long. We have now been talking, via email, for the past few weeks. Things seem to be going well. So well in fact, her and her husband are thinking of making a trip to CA to meet us in Nov. I'm excited and nervous!!

I will let you all know how it goes, how it continues to proceed.

In other news, we go in tomorrow for our next u/s. This one will be the BIG one, although I am only 19 weeks and not 20. My parents will be joining Kiwi and I , as well as my brother. I am so excited to share this with all of them. I'll let you know how it goes. Have a great day.