Saturday, March 26, 2011


So, had another u/s and bw appt yesterday. (Thankfully both my parents were able to come with me. My Mom even got a lesson on how to give shots (progesterone.) As she'll be the one to give them to me while I am on bed rest after ET. G works and is already having to get off 2 days for the ER and ET. He'll be getting a break at home while Kiwi and I stay with my parents.)

If you thought I was worried about my 10 little eggs growing in my uterus, then watch out!!! Yesterday, I was downsized to maybe 8!!!! I'm so worried! The nurse said that we only get 4 or 5 to fertilize, they may suggest that we don't do the pgd. The entire point of doing this ivf (fresh cycle) was to complete out family with a "blood" boy for G. I've known all along that G may not even contribute any male sperm, but i never went over in my head the possibility that we wouldn't get enough embryos to even test.

Other than that, we are still all set for a Weds. ER.

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