Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here we go......

AF came today, at day 27. How odd is she? 4 months + straight at day 26. Then, the day of my RE 26....she didn't come. Waited until day 28. Now this month day 27? Goodness!!!

I called and left a message for my RE. If I don't hear back from them by tomorrow afternoon, I'll call the office. (I left the message on his cell tonight.) I had called earlier in the day to set G's appt for his SA. That is all set for 10 am on Saturday, at RE's main office in the OC. Hopefully I'll get an appt time then too. As, I know they make appts for day 3-4. Since they are closed on Sunday, I hope it will be Sat. (My parents are helping my sis and her BF move out of state this weekend, and won't be home until Tues. Perfect timing!! Geez! LOL. WE got a 2 week notice that they were moving. But it is something that they have wanted for years. However, with them gone, and G working hours away. I'd have to ask a friend to sit Kiwi if I have any appts.)

Well, I will update when I hear anything. :)

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  1. that is very exciting!! I am still waiting..any minute now!!:)