Sunday, March 20, 2011


So, it occurred to G and I tonight, that I only have 1 box (5 vials) of Bravelle left. (After I had taken my nightly dose.) I won't get my meds until Weds. and I am supposed to take 5 vials a night! DOH!!! Originally they had prescribed 3 vials, but my doc called after that and upped my does to 5 a night. I was going to go to a lab local to my house tomorrow to have my bw done there, however, I think I am now going to drive to my RE's and do it there. In hopes that they will have an extra pack or two of Bravelle that they can give me. (I don't know how many vials I am going to be taking starting tomorrow, as that is what the bw is for. However, I doubt I'll have enough for 2 nights with the 5 I have left.) I just hope that they are in this office tomorrow (the office I go to is a sub office. The main office is in OC.)

Wish me luck!!

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