Saturday, March 19, 2011

and we're off!!!!!

Appt went well today (beside the fact that I had cyst on my right ovary. Left one looked great and the RE isn't concerned with the cyst.)We paid the fortune for the ivf!!! I start my injections and oral meds tonight!!

This time I am doing Lupron, Bravelle and Menopur! G gets to play darts with my tummy again. LOL.

Basically, I take my meds and injections nightly. Here is a time frame break down.
Monday, 3/21: bw at a lab close to my home (taking Kiwi to play with a friend) at the crack of dawn (actually 8-9 am, but close enough to dawn for my taste. LOL.)After this bw, my doses for meds could change depending on what the results are. Weds. 3/23 and Friday 3/25: RE appt (u/s and bw probably) at the office close to me. Monday 3/28: RE app at their main office. (I will get new instructions then.) THEN, if everything goes as planned: Monday: 3/30 ER and either a day 3 ET on 4/2 or a day 5 (which is the best) ET on 4/4!!!!!

So, on 4/4 I will PUPO!!!! (Pregnant until proven otherwise!!) How exciting!!!!

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  1. I am on the Lupron. what is the Bravell for?