Saturday, September 5, 2015

Another One Bites The Dust

The day after my last post, I found out from my SCM that the ED the IFs had chosen....the one that was in cycle to have her eggs retrieved for another couple...was not medically cleared by their RE! She was literally just waiting to have her eggs retrieved, and decided to do her med clearance at IFs RE in the meantime. So frustrating that she was obviously cleared to have the ET...but nope! Her pap came back abnormal and her bloodwork showed that one of her levels was not where the RE would like it to be. (I do not know the specifics.)This is the second ED who has been a "known" (or soon to be) donor, then been denied my RE. If I'm frustrated, I can only imagine how my IFs are feeling. Both of these ED were through agencies too! So, back to square one in that area. We are moving ahead with contracts still. I was told yesterday by my IF that they have received their draft and will be taking this weekend to review it. So, I'm hopeful that I'll have the draft this next week!! :)As far as I know, IFs have not found another (4th) ED, but they are "actively looking." I hope the silver lining in all this is that they'll find an amazing donor very soon, and we'll be able to transfer in Sept. or Oct., not having to wait until November anymore.

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