Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I'm in contract!! (from our end at least)

I got my final draft of the contract late Friday night. G and I both got ours signed and notarized yesterday!! Our lawyer has our scanned and faxed copies and we are a go from our end!! yay! I text with my IFs last night and they haven't signed yet, but will this week. They are in escrow on a condo! So exciting for them! Hopefully everything goes well and within a year they'll have a baby/ies to fill their new condo up with :) They are still actively looking for an egg donor still. They are supposed to meet with a concierge service this week sometime. That service is supposed to work with 100s of donor agencies all over and should have a list of donors (who are available and match the IFs criteria) w/in two weeks. So, I'm hoping that by the end of October they will have the perfect donor all set up and ready to go. (Or at least ready to get medically cleared.) Fingers crossed. :)

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