Sunday, December 27, 2015

Waiting....ED update

I'm a pretty patient person, but this waiting is killing me. LOL. IFs (4th potential) ED had that false positive a few months back now...she's retested 3 times since then (RE protocol) and every time it has came back negative. Which is a good then. So, I believe that she will be medically cleared to be IFs donor. (Haven't heard the official word yet.)My IFs went into the RE a few weeks ago to have their genetic testing now we are waiting for those results to come back in. (I'm not sure why they didn't do the testing before hand, while they looked for a donor, etc.) I'm supposed to get a call from the RE after all results are she can discuss the situation regarding the false positive with G and I. (Let us know if we have anything to be concerned about.)Prior to the bloodwork being done again, the nurse had quoted a med start time frame of end of January into February. Since the ED labs came back sooner than expected, I'm hoping we can start the cycle meds in the beginning of January. But, that all depends on IFs genetic test results coming back.So, we continue to wait.

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