Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BIG u/s....

So, life has been hectic for me. All within a few weeks of each other, both computers crashed, G's cars tranny goes out, my debit card number gets hacked and the idiot bought a flight to Sydney (followed by my bank canceling my card, and a wait for the new one,) Kiwi and I both caught colds (and are still recovering.) All of this right before our planned (possible) 2 week OR roadtrip (for Kiwi and I, along with my parents. G has to work.) We head over to my parents for the night, then leave bright and early tomorrow. Should be fun......hopefully. (Fingers crossed for a cooperative kid.)

I did my 20 week u/s on Weds. of last week. I was miserably sick and just wanted to fall asleep as I lay there (for nearly an hour.) They confirmed that Baby G is in fact a boy (YAY!!) and when I was able to open my eyes, I saw some great shots of him. It wasn't through my OB, so I didn't get the confirmation that everything is good. The tech. said that I am measuring on track, so that is good!!

Well, I have a screaming toddler in bed and a blasting headache. (Finally taking a break from packing.) Have a great August all. (I know I'll be back in time for my 23 week appt on the 25th.)

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