Thursday, June 7, 2012

Firsts....and 5 months!!

It has been such a long time since I've blogged. It really has to do with the fact that I haven't updated my photos on my computer yet. I literally had a ton of pics sitting in my email to download. (I was amazed that I hadn't even made a folder for Bubba for month 5 yet, and he's nearly 6 months!!!) Sorry for the delay, naughty me. Bubba is 5 months old now (as of May 15th!) I can not believe it!! In 8 days he'll be six months old, that is just too hard to imagine! He has been doing so much more lately. After his 4 month check up, we started him on rice cereal. He has since progressed onto baby oatmeal, a week of sweet peas, a week of sweet potatoes, and tonight will be trying green beans for the first time! He is an AMAZING eater!! (So opposite of Kiwi.) He eats 4+ oz of cereal (rice or oatmeal) in the morning/afternoon now, and a container of baby food at dinner (he will sometimes even want more, so we make him more cereal.) Onto other firsts..... .....for Bubba, he has learned how to roll from tummy to back now. So he is a rolling machine. He also learned how to "sit up" in his bouncy chair (or anything else he can grab onto and pull himself into a sitting position.)He would always sit in his bouncy on the table during meals. One morning, I noticed that he was pulling himself into a sitting position. I moved his chair onto the floor, then went to wash the dishes, no sooner did I turn my back, had he totally sat up and flipped forward. (He is always buckled in, so he didn't fall out. ) His poor head was on the floor. Thank God I had moved the chair to the floor, he could've fallen off the table onto his head! So, no more bouncy chair for him!! He moves so much more than Kiwi ever did. He is now strictly in his exersaucer, which is not used to, so doesn't care for very much. I can barely get anything done. (Not that I could before the bouncy chair incident anyway.)Bubba also started blowing raspberries between months 4 and 5. He happily sticks out his adorable tongue and blows away. It is so cute!! .....for Kiwi.... Kiwi started preschool this week. She goes part time Tues. and Thurs. afternoons for 4 hours each day. G and I felt that she really needed the stimulation. I hated how much tv she was watching lately. I searched for a preschool that would teach her, not just a day care of babysitter. It was very hard to find one bc we are not morning people (sometimes we can't even make it downstairs for bfast before noon.) I found a brand new, in home daycare/ preschool. The owners attend our church, and the husband is involved with the children ministries there. So, they felt very comfortable. Kiwi is at preschool right now, which is why I have a minute to catch up. She loved her first class on Tues. and was really excited about going back again today. I hope she is being challenged and is learning something, and not just playing the entire time. (Of course play time is important too.) It is just so hard for me to believe that Kiwi will be 3 years old next month. I am in the process of planing her party now, a Pinkalious party!! :)(Kiwi's choice.) Nothing new is happening here. We took a mini family vacation Memorial Day weekend. We went to AZ, where G is from. Last Oct, G's Grandmother passed away. We spent a week in AZ at that time, but had to return to work before the ashes were ready. So, Memorial weekend was the first time that G and his siblings were able to get together and do an ash spreading. We spent Saturday with G's family (not the most comfortable experience for me.) We did the ash spreading, a high school grad party for G's cousin, and then celebrated our niece's 7th bday. (I had the unwanted pleasure of seeing my MIL at the two parties. I kept my distance and pretended that she wasn't even there. I also made sure that my children were kept away from her. But, of course, she had to start drama after our niece's party. She actually thought that G or his sister would hand Bubba over to her, against my wishes and behind my back. Se was furious when they didn't!!! )After that awkward day, we spent Sunday with G's old boyscout leader and her husband. That couple are amazing people! They actually came all the way to CA for our wedding too. (Actually G had more friends at the wedding, all making the drive from AZ, then the 2 family members who actually came.) They refer to themselves as Grandma and Grandpa to our kids. Oh man how I wish they were G's true blood parents. They invited us into their home for the entire afternoon and evening. Made us a huge meal, played with the kids, loved on all of us. (They even had goody tote bags for the kids.) There is no comparison between them and my real in laws. We felt so welcome, loved, warm from them. I had always been upset at the fact that my kids wouldn't have grandparents on G's side (bc of MIL's own actions, and bc G's dad and step dad are no longer in the picture at all.) After this trip, I feel relieved and so happy knowing that they do have amazing grandparents on his side, just not by blood. After that amazing day, we went to the Phoenix Zoo on Monday, it was toooooo hot, but we had a great time. Then we came back home Tues. Too short (the vacation part at least.) Here's Bubba's 5 month picture.

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  1. Glad that you updated and things are going well. It's amazing how quickly your little man is growing up!!