Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bubba is 4 months old!!

OMGoodness, time flies! Bubba turned 4 months old this past Sunday. I can't believe how quickly time is passing.

This past Sunday we went to church (trying to make it a regular thing) and I gave in (up) and left Bubba in the nursery (the 0-6 month room. He had one on one care. They paged me to feed him, and we went to the "cry room" to do it, so I could still see and hear the sermon.) I guess I'm not as anal about everything like I was with Kiwi.

Bubba has found his feet this month and loves to kick them and hold them. He has also learned how to hold objects. He loves his rattle. It is so adorable to watch him shake it, and to play on his play mat. He grabs, bats, kicks his toys. He is rolling over pretty frequently now, back to tummy. He hasn't mastered how to roll back onto his back though. Sadly, Bubba is also losing his baby hair now too. (No long just the patch on the back of his head, but the hair on top.)Kiwi was a baldy for so long, it is sad to see his hair go.

He had his 4 month check (and shots) today. He is 26.5 in long (90%) and 14 lbs exactly (25% or 40%. I saw that bc the PA wrote 25% on the paper, but verbally told us 40%..??)We have been given the ok to start him on rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula. Since I don't pump (due to mastitus,) I'm going to have to do formula. That has me feeling guilty and uneasy. I think with Kiwi we always did water. But she was NOT a fan of the cereal at all! The PA told me I could bottle feed or spoon feed it to him. (Spoon if he is able to hold his head up right while sitting.) I think I'll try him out in the bumbo chair.

So, some advice/ input please. We bought Earth's Best rice cereal and were given Gerber Good Start formula from the doc. Anyone have any input on either of those? With Kiwi we used Gerber cereal, but while shopping I compared the labels and there was so much stuff add to the Gerber cereal ingredients, so we choose Earth's Best.


  1. We use the Earth's Best rice cereal and Aiden loves it! I haven't tried the Gerber so I'm not sure about it.