Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let the good times ROLL.....

Oh what a week we had. :) mostly all fun and good times!

Last Monday the kids and I went to my parents ( about 40 miles away.) We then went to a local regional park. This park is amazing. Not only does it have play equipment, but a train, zoo and pony rides. They put on an Easter event that we went for. Kiwi bounced in a jump house, did an egg hunt, decorated a cookie and then we all rode the train and did a hay ride. It was so much fun! On Tuesday, we joined a friend of mine, along with her daughter who is Kiwi's bff, we went to the indoor play place we love. (my first time taking both kids w/o G or my parents to help with Kiwi.) It was great to catch up and the girls had a blast. Wed. I invited the same friend to join the kids and I at a local park that has a lake. We took a walk around the lake, then the girls played at the park. Then, our big weekend!

Friday G, the kids, my parents and I, along with the same friends, went to Disneyland! ( my parents and I have passes.) It was a blast and we were so happy G was able to go too. The kids and I stayed at my parents (G has school on sat.) Saturday was an egg hunt put on by the rotary club near my parents. After the activities, we went to the zoo inside the regional park. (We also got together with some family.) Fun day!

Sunday was a bad day. Kiwi woke at 3:30 am throwing up. poor baby was sick all day. :( She was feeling better yesterday, so we took the kids to the Circus! It was amazing, Kiwi had so much fun!

In other news.... Drum roll... Sunday night when I checked on Bubba before going to bed, he was laying completely on his right side, asleep. That scared me bc of SIDS. So, I gently rolled him onto his back. He immediately rolled into his side again. I tried one more time, but got the same result. Last night (early this morning) I went in to get him changed and feed and back to bed.... And..... He was on his tummy! Bubba rolled over!!

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  1. It sounds like Disneyland was a blast! What an exciting weekend you guys had! Poor Kiwiw, I'm glad she is feeling better. Aiden also has suddenly became a tummy sleeper. It freaked me out at first, but now I just watch him on the video monitor at night and double check he's ok. Yay for Bubba rolling over!