Thursday, March 22, 2012

...... and into Spring!!!!!

I love Spring! It is so amazing! I love the sun shining, the birds chirping (unless sit is outside my bedroom window before I'm ready to wake up. LOL.) I just love the weather and the possibilities. I have an extra bounce in my step.

I've been taking Kiwi and Bubba out front the past few days so she can swing. She loves it, and I love being outside and feeling the breeze in our hair. Bubba seems to enjoy the outdoors as well.

Since it is so nice out, I may just have to put my newly purchased double stroller to use. Although I quickly lost the baby weight both times, I now have a different shape than I used to prior to kids. (Prior to Bubba even.) I'm not fond of the extra fat I now have in te tummy, butt and thighs. After having Kiwi, I would walk every day with friends. Kiwi loved going on our walks. Once we moved off base and back home, we'd walk twice a day. I was very happy to not only lose all the baby weight, all the medicine weight (ivf meds are a bitch,) BUT I was also to get back down to my ideal weight (30 lbs less than my pre prego/ivf weight.) All by the time she was 12 months old! I am now at my pre prego weight, I have yet to lose the extra ivf med weight. Not that I have even made any effort to work out. I've never been much of an exercise fan. I'm really hoping I can motivate myself to get out and take the kiddos for a walk, hopefully make It a regular thing. I just always think of the hassle that would go into taking two kids out. Getting them into the stroller is the easy part (usually.) Keeping Kiwi in the stroller, not so easy! LOL. G and I bought her a tricycle for her bday. She can't peddle it yet, but thankfully it has a handle for us to push her. She loves taking it out and riding. I'm just not a fan of the baby carrier. I have a bad neck, so it is painful to wear. Plus, awkward for both Bubba and I. I also have a sling, but I am always too scared to actually let go. I'm afraid he'll fall, which defeats the entire purpose of using it.

Enjoy the pics of my babies enjoy the great Spring filled outdoors. :) Have a wonderful day all.

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