Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts!!

Well, today marks the 100th birthday of Girl Scouts and I couldn't be prouder to say that I am (or was) a girl scout!!

Yesterday my Mom and I went (along with our very handsome date, Bubba) went to an alumnae tea for the 100th bday. It was great! At our table we had an 80 year old women who began her GS experience in the 1930s. She was a scout and her mother the leader. This women didn't have any children of her own, but at the age of 70 began her own GS troop, as the leader, for the girls in her apartment complex. She said that the girls needed something to do in the summer to stay busy. At the table next to ours, their was a family of 5 generations (YES...5!! All present)of GS. They were all there. The oldest women was 99 years old and started GS in the 1920s, her Great Great Granddaughter is a Daisy scout (kindergarten age.) WOW!!! That was so great to see. I know that I have 5 living generations of women in my family, on my Mom's side. Me being generation 4, Kiwi is 5. (On a side note, my parents are taking the kids and I to Vegas where my Grandma and Great Grandmother live, this weekend. It will be Bubba's first time meeting his Great Grandma and Great Great Grandmother.)

GS was so incredibly fun for me. I started at 4 yrs old, as a Daisy, with my Mom as my co-leader. I can still remember some activities we making soap from scratch for our Mom's for Mother's day. I continued in GS until 7th grade when my family moved to a different city. (At that time my Mom had looked into Cadette troops for me to join, an had learned that they all were small troops with major "cliques" bc they had all known each other for years. So, I didn't join a troop again.) After moving, I continued to go to GS camp every summer, until my Junior Year of High School. I was a scout for 11 years!!! My Mom became a leader when I was 4, and continue leading me and then my younger sister for 20 years. (She continues for a few years even after my sis graduated and got her GS Gold award. My Mom wanted to see all of her "girls" get their gold!)

Scouting was a HUGE part of my childhood! Maybe bc of my Mom's involvement. We went camping, on outings, did service projects. It was amazing! I didn't get my Gold Award, but I am so proud that my sister did and that my Mom served girls for 20 years! Many of which did get their Gold.

Scouting is such an amazing thing for children!! I can't wait for Kiwi and Bubba to be old enough to be in..... of course I'll ask My Mom to be my co-leader. LOL. :)

*On a side note, my Dad and G are both Eagle Scouts in boy scouting!!!!

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