Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reflecting..... and, do you know me in real life?

I have been writing this post in my head all day and night. (ALthough I still don't know how or what to say.) I know that it is a strange post to make, but I really feel that I should for many reasons. One reason is bc of the underlying issues regarding this post, I ended up going back and reading every post I've made....from day one!! It was lovely! :) I laughed, smiled, cringed.... :) Oh the memories. How wonderful blogging is in regards to journal keeping. I have all the details about Bubba's ivf process right here. Oh how I wish I knew about blogging when I was going through Kiwi's ivf process. It was amazing to see the exact dates of each step in the process.(For those of you still in the trenches of ivf/iui/adoption, once you finally get out, believe it or not, you sometimes forget the details. Not the war, mind you...but some of the smaller battles.)

Anyway, moving on to what I really want to say in this post. No one I know IRL (in Real Life) reads nor follows my blog. Some people know that I do have a blog, but I have never given away the url, nor have they asked for it. This blog was never intended for my friends or family to follow me on, as I have a fb for that. That being said, I have never followed anyone I know IRL blog either. However, w/in the last 7 months or so,I began following my SIL's blog for baby updates. If you have read my blog, then you know that I have MAJOR in law issues (to put it lightly. LOL.) I follow her blog even though I am not "friends" with my SIL, and I honestly don't think she likes me very much, not that she truly knows me (as I think that her opinions of me were preconceived based on what was told to her by other family members of G.) BUT, I was always close to my cousins, and ideally I want my children close to theirs (I am not naive enough to even believe that that is possible with the situation I have w/ my in laws, but one can hope.)Especially bc Bubba will be only 4 months older than our niece, his cousin, their daughter. I have followed her blog, and I leave comments frequently bc I love when people comment on my blog. (Let's you know that some one is reading and caring about what you write enough to take their time to tell you so with a comment.)

When I first starting commenting, I had gone into my profile on here and taken my blog url off. I did that bc in the past there was drama from G's family bc of what I said on my own fb page (my OWN page!!) I ended having to un-friend everyone I was fb friends w/ from G's family (even the ones who had never caused drama, been abusive, rude or mean) bc I didn't want the drama to continue every time someone read something they didn't like. So, I removed my blog info off my blogger profile. I didn't want the drama that I know could happen if they decided to read my blog and not like what they read. (I will say that I stand by the truthfulness of everything I have said on here.)

I realized when people were commenting on my PAIL monthly theme post, that I really needed to put my url back onto my profile. I figured if I wanted to have the community of PAIL, I would need to be able to have the people's blogs that I comment on be able to view my blog. Does that make since? When I read the comments on my post, I would click on the person who left the comments name, and then find their blog from there. I wanted to be able to thank them for reading my blog, and re-pay them by reading theirs.

So, my blog url is now back on my profile. Making it accessible and easy for anyone to see. So, bc of that, I'm stating my *Disclaimer* from my second post again........ If you get upset or offended by what I say, then don't read my blog. Please exit the page and don't come back. (Also, please do not call my husband and "tell on me.") If however, you do decided to stick around, follow me (as you can tell, I post pictures of the kids, updates on you really may actually enjoy this blog,) and you some day decided to post a comment.....PLEASE be mindful that for privacy (or at least a sense of it) I don't state the kids nor my husbands IRL names. Please use the nicknames. THANK YOU!!! :)

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