Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UPDATED!!!! Why are some people parents? (or, lack of parents)

I'm having to re-do this post, originally posted this afternoon bc, as I suspected (but genuinely hoped wouldn't happen) has happened. The phone call heard around the world (or through out my house...filled with (thankfully still)sleeping children) has happened. I've had this blog for over a year and a half. I have been less active lately, but have been making an attempt to "get back on the horse" so to say. Wanting to be an active Aunt, by following along with my SIL's pregnancy and commenting on her blog, has lead people I know IRL to my blog. (People who are not loving nor supportive of me nor my family.) Although I have many times said that my blog is MINE and everything I write is in my opinion and true based on the facts as I know them. (If I'm told half truths or untruths by others, I am unaware of them. I believe in honesty and assume that everyone is honest to me, as I am to them.)I have also made disclaimers twice asking people to stop reading my blog, to not return and (most recently) to not call G "to tell on me" if they are offended, the disclaimers have not be heard (or read, as this is a blog. LOL.) Because of the drama, yet again, I am forced to censor my blog!! I will do once and only once, as thi is MY blog, my journal and my place to share my journey in life, share my joys, sorrows, frustrations and to vent it all out! I would never tell anyone what they can or can't say on their own blog, fb, diary, journal, or whatever else. I read many blogs and have not always agreed with everything that has been said on all the blogs I follow. BUT, I have NEVER and would NEVER contact the blogger an ask them to remove such posts. As a grown women , if there is something I read, watch, see or hear that I don't like.....I make sure (or make every effort) not to return to the place I heard, watched it. All I've asked from anyone who has ever come here is that if you get offended or upset by what I say, then stop reading my blog and don't return! I don't want the drama IRL or in the blog world. THANK YOU!

This post was all about the lack of parenting that is all over the place today. As an IF, I had to work very hard to actually get my two miracles. So, it really upsets me when I know of people, or hear or see people who are parents, but really shouldn't be. Take those two sets of parents who left their children at two separate Chuck E. Cheese's a few weeks back. It sickens me!! I know people IRL who (trying to be nicer here) who,IMO, have done things that are not in their children's best interest. They claim that everything they do is for the kids, and justify leaving their child behind to be raised by someone else. I'm sorry if that offends anyone who has left their child and moved to other states for months, years, etc. Personally I feel that it is always in the child's best interest to be with their mother. (Obviously, not if there is any form of abuse.) Even if you would only be able to see your child 30 minutes a week. To me it would be better than only seeing them once (or twice) a year while using vacation time. To me being a mother is being there for your child in any and every way possible. (Not just sending money weekly, monthly, like a person would do if they didn't have full custody of the child. But emotionally, physically.)

*****I know that men and women in the military get deployed for 7-12 months at a time, I am in no way calling those folks bad parents. I am talking about people who choose to leave and not bring their child with them.********

That is all I can say at this time bc I have ruffled too many feathers and really, honetsly don't want the drama.


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    1. Although the comment was removed, I was still able to read it. you seemed to want an answer from me or clarification. Everything I write are my opinions and feelings, although they are often shared by G (until the call comes in.) I feel that the person I posted about originally is not a good mother and imo shouldn't be given a slap on the back and praise for parenting. Other people disagree with me, hence the fact that they are giving praise.

  2. I agree with you Kim, it's amazing why some people are allowed to have children while many of us struggle to conceive. Life certainly isn't fair and I feel terrible for kiddos who suffer because of unstable parents and homes.