Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bubba is 3 months old!!!

OMGoodness, where has the time gone? It is so hard to believe that Bubba is already 3 months old!! My little man is growing way too fast. I had to take both kiddos to the doc last week bc of low grade temps (low 99s.) He weighed in at 13 lbs 1 oz!!! Kiwi, who is almost 2yr8m weighed in at 23 lbs 6 oz. He is so huge compared to her!! If I remember correctly, she was 16 lbs at 12 months.

Yesterday I changed Bubba's diaper then laid him in his crib so I could wash my hands before nursing him. When I came back, he was laying on his left side, facing the back of his crib (the wall.) He also rolled onto his side on other time that evening, and I yelled for G to come in to see it. So proud of my little man....but on the other hand, that means he'll be rolling over soon. Which, makes me nervous bc of SIDS. Being IF and having to go through so much just to get my miracle babies, I am always "waiting for the other shoe to drop." Like this all isn't real or forever or something. That some horrible thing will happen and my kids will be taken away from me. I know, I'm paranoid!! LOL. None the less, my Mom's friend had her son die from SIDS, so I do fear that. We used a wedge sleep positioner for Kiwi, but I tried it for a little bit w/ Bubba and it just seemed to uncomfortable or something for him.

Another thing he is doing in his crib, is moving. I am sick with a sinus infection right now, yesterday was hard on me. I put him in his crib for a nap, then I went to bed too. When he woke up (30 minutes later) I went to get him and he had turned 90 degrees!!! His head was at the front of his bed and his feet at the back (wall.) It was so strange!

He is also smiling all the time and laughing at loud (and LOUD he is!!) He also "talks" frequently as well. I am so in love with his babbles and smiles. He is just so adorable!!

UPDATE!!! I should have knocked on wood after writing that BFing post and saying how great we are doing at it. LOL. On Friday we had to take Bubba in to the doc bc of THRUSH!!! Yuck! So, we have had our first bump in the BF road. Hopefully that well be our last (knocking on wood. LOL.) In one week (as we took the kids in the Friday before for low grade fevers) he has gained 6 oz. He is now 13 lbs 7 oz!!!! HUGE boy! :) Bc of that, I am now going to have to exchange my last (unopened) box of size one diapers. They go to 14 lbs., but today I noticed that they are leaving red marks on his legs, like they are too tight. So, finishing up the ones I have left, then on to size 2s.....ALREADY!!! Kiwi is still in size 3.

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