Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kiwi is 3 years old !! Bubba is 7 months old!!

My goodness does time fly!! I can't believe that Kiwi is now 3 years old!! She had a great Pinkalicious party, followed by Disneyland on her actual birthday (an over night at my parents bc of the late hour we left Disneyland too,) followed by two days in a row at prechool (which she LOVRES,) and then ending that week with a day at the fair!! What a spoiled little princess I have. LOL. I love her so much and am so blessed to have her and blessed that I am able to do such fun things with. In other news, Bubba is now 7 months old! He can wave (started out with a very enthustastic whole arm pumping up and down wave. However now he sticks his arm up and waves with his four fingers.) He waves all the time now, literally. He'll just be sitting around waving to no one, the wall, etc. So adorable!! He even makes a "HHHH" sound when he does it...saying "hi" is my guess.

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