Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8 months old.....crawling!! (and amazing EA update)

Hello all, Bubba is now 8 months old (actually 8.5, sorry it takes me so long to post.) As you can see, he is ot sitting in the rocking (glider) this month...I didn't want to risk it, as he is all over the place now. Also, he didn't wish to pose with Winter bear, instead he wanted to chew on him. LOL. Bubba is all over, like I mentioned. He pulls himself up to standing in his crib, he doesn't want to sit but instead wants to stand holding onto me. (He'll climb up my lap to stand if I sit down next to him while he's sitting.) Yesterday he crawled for the first time!!!! He went forward two knees! He's getting way too big too fast. He can also say "ada" for Dada and he has said "Mama" before. He still likes to wave, but now he'll also raise his arm up and down when I say "hip hip hooray ". Onto other news! After having to yet again go back to MW to in search of embryo adoptive parents...why you may be asking?? Well, bc the wonderful Mommy we choice is now naturally pregnant!!!!! Amazing news! I'm so happy for her. We originally picked them prior to Bubba's ivf, then a few months into the pregnancy, she got "THE call"that a baby boy was born. So, we found another match, and then they too got "The call." LOL. So, we put EA on hold and gave birth to and enjoyed Bubba for some time. Then, I contacted the first women again to see if she would be interested in adopting our embryos to grow her family. We were unofficially matched again, just waiting for the end of summer (when she wanted to start the process.) Low and behold...she naturally got pregnant! So, we went back to MW website and found 2 amazing couples. It was sooooooooo incredibly hard (and heartbreaking) to choice one, then tell the other couple we didn't pick them. Well, we have found a match!!! Right now their lawyer is looking over the EA contract. We're hoping to get the contracts signed w/in the next week or so....transferring the embryos to them legally! She still has many steps to go on her end before any FET, But, I'll keep you all posted!! :)

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  1. Yay for crawling! It's amazing how quickly they grow and change. Congrats on the match and hoping that the contract signing goes quickly for you all!