Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 months old!!!!!!!!!!

It is so hard for me to believe that my little man, Bubba, is 12 months...1 year... old!! Time has flown. Sorry for the missed 11 month update. Life gets soooooo busy in October, with Halloween, then what seems like an eye blink later it's Thanksgiving and my birthday (Nov. 30th.) I barely have time to catch my breathe before Bubba's birthday (a mere 15 days after mine.) This year we decided to celebrate his birthday a week early. Kiwi took dance for the first time (and LOVED it!!!) She had her very first dance recital on the 8th. She was adorable and did such a great job!!! Made Mommy (Grandma and Great Grandma) tear up!! So, bc we had family coming from the next counties over for the recital, I decided to do Bubba's party that day too! ( much stress! Trying to get 3x a week rehearsals done, party planning and shopping, way too much cake made (double layer 14 inch round cake with two smaller cakes stacked on top and a separate smash cake).....not to mention the day of events (curling hair and getting Kiwi to the theater on time....watching the amazing show, quick lunch, massive stressed rush to do all the finishing touches minutes before the guests arrive!!!)It was a sports themed party and it was a blast!!! We even had a bounce house with slide, pinata and we played two party games! I think all the guests had a good time, thankfully. Bubba is doing well!! He can now stand without support and "talks" alot more than in the past. (Although he doesn't say coherent words. So opposite of Kiwi, who was singing songs and speaking in 3+ word sentences at 12 months.) My Mom taught him how to say "thank you" and he says that sometimes when prompted. He is just such a joy and happy boy! Kiwi is doing well too. She has decided that she has no interest in going to her preschool anymore. This past week she threw tantrums and I had to pick her up apx an hour and a half after dropping her off on Tues., then Thurs she refused to even go inside. She is now no longer attending that preschool. I go to two preschools on Tues to interview and tour those (one of which my bff has her daughter in, who is Kiwi's bff.) These 2 preschools are more academic based and are actual preschools opposed to the "school" she was at, which is more of a day care. Kiwi is looking forward to Christmas....having her Uncle B fly out form London next Weds., and possible Disney trip with him.....and then Aunt K's Vegas wedding in January!! I love the holiday season!! :) I can't wait to see my brother and then my sister. We bought Elf on the shelf for Kiwi and she has LOVED finding "Elvin, the Christmas Elf" (she named him) each morning! Today he was hanging on the Christmas tree. :) Here are some pics. Bubba's 11 and 12 month pics and a pic of the amazing birthday cake (I baked and my amazing Dad decorated!!) Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!! (On a sad note my prayers go out to all the families torn apart by the sickening shooting at Sandy Hook. God bless them all!!!!!)

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