Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013 (a yr w/o drama, hopefully)

Hello, hope you all had a great Christmas! We certainly did here. :) I'll give you a recap of our Christmas festivities. During the day on Christmas Eve, G, the kids and I opened our presents to each other. It was so great to see Kiwi get so excited about the gifts we got her and to see Bubba attempt to unwrap his gifts, while crawling all over the place. LOL. Later that evening, we met up with my parents, brother (who flew in from London for the Holidays and is staying until after my sister's wedding,) and my cousin to see some amazing Christmas lights and we went out to dinner. (Oh, and had some delicious cupcakes too.) Christmas morning was all about Santa!!! Kiwi got the baby doll nursery care center she asked for a Bubba got his cozy coupe car! His little face when he saw it was so priceless!!!! He crawled to it immediately and wanted to test drive it take it for a spin. After Santa gifts, we headed over to my parents for lunch and to open presents with them and my brother (missed my sister and my brother in laws!!) Then we let the kids play while we waited for my Dad's side of the family to arrive for our annual Christmas dinner and Bunco! For the first year, I was NOT the biggest loser!!!! Not that I did well, in fact I was only 2 wins away from losing. It was actually a 3 way tie for biggest loser this year....and G was one of the losers! LOL. The day after Christmas was the day we had my Mom's side of the family over at our home. It was so much fun, we ate dinner and opened presents, then we went and walked a local cul-da-sac that does a large light display. So, for the most part we had a lovely Christmas!! Now.......for the drama that ALWAYS happens with G's side of the family..... Last year we decided that we were no longer going to do family holidays with G's family. I think the decision was mostly based on the fact that, as a couple (both G and I), we decided last year (after the whole incident that happened with MIL and visiting me at the hospital when I had Bubba) that MIL was no longer going to be an active part of our lives. (Even G doesn't speck to her, unless there is an emergency or something, the abuse was just way too much for us to keep turning a blind eye to.) We don't think it would be fair to ask his siblings to do a holiday get together with us, and not invite MIL. So, we just decided that we were done with large family gatherings with G's family. {However, we do still invite his siblings to our children's birthday parties....not that any of them came...and only 1 of his siblings even sent a gift for Bubba's birthday (no one else in his entire family sent a gift, nor even a card!!!!)} So, since we weren't doing Christmas with them, I mailed out one large package to BIL's home (since that is where they were doing Christmas) with gifts to both our nieces, BIL (and his wife), SIL and G's Grandma. Here is where the drama starts....... On the 26th, I sent G to the grocery store to buy some things we needed for the gathering at our home that day. He took Kiwi with him, as I had chores I needed to do to get the house ready for company. Only Kiwi came back inside we they got home....weird. I kept on working away, and finally decided to tell G to come in, thinking that he must be outside talking to the neighbors. Well, I was shocked when I opened the door and heard him YELLING and CUSSING!! He was on the phone with his Grandma. He had called (while with Kiwi) to see how their Christmas was and to make sure that they got their gift. She gave him hell!!!! From the bits and pieces that I heard from his end of the convo (I went outside many times during the hour long phone call yelling match, to ask him to please just hang up and come in and help. There was too much that needed to be done and time was passing while he was being yelled at, cussed out and verbally abused! he doesn't need that shit!!) I was so disgusted and outraged at her, his entire family, and the utter bat shit crazy, completely insane they all are!!! This is what she was saying the him (VENT to follow) 1) that I am a freeloader bc I am a SAHM!!! WTF!! That I haven't worked since we've been married?!?! I worked full-time (first in real estate and then as a nanny) until I was 6 months pregnant with Kiwi....then I work every fucking day and night as a SAHM!! 2) that I want G dead so I can get insurance money????? First, I do not want G dead. I love him very much, and even during our bad days, I have never wished him dead!! Second.....what insurance money? We don't have any insurance policy like that!!! (only home and car insurance!) 3) that I am evil, mean. Bitch!! No one likes me! That I am just like (and should be compared to) G's bio dad who was physically abusive and a deadbeat!! WTF!! I am not abusive in any way to my children nor my husband! If I was soooo evil, and mean than why did I take my precious time to write out Christmas card, wrap their gifts and package it all up....take it to a busy post office with a double stroller in tow... and mail those insane people their gifts (paying extra to make sure it got their on time!!!) Well, I can assure you that my time will not be used in the future to do anything nice for any of them! 4) that she (his Gma) is so stressed out of me that is she commits suicide bc of me, then his entire family is going to sue me!!!!!! WTF!! Does she think that that is something that is appropriate to say to your grandchild!! Is she insane!! SUE me?! 5) the thing that topped it off for me is when G was told to leave me, in order to make his family happy!!!!!!!!! OMGoodness!!! All I could do after the attack (despite wiping tears from my eyes bc of the awful things that were said, yet again, about me and bc of the pain that was inflicted on G....and despite having steam coming out of my ears!!) was ask G why he didn't just hang up on the bitch?? He said bc "they would've won" (huh? what does that mean?) He told me that he had things that needed to be said so that he had to stay on the phone to make sure he was able to say what "needed to be said." He can say those things until he's blue in the face, but they won't ever listen!!! For 6 and a half years, I have been patient while his entire family abused him, the kids and myself. I forgave and let all of them back into our lives many times. It wasn't until last December that I finally put my foot down and said that MIL was no longer going to be in my life or our children's lives bc of the abuse she had caused. (Until she can apologize to ME and vow to never do it again!! So, the ball is and has been in her court , so to say, waiting for her to grow up and actually do the right thing. Technically she is the one choosing not to be in our lives.) G (all on his own) decided that he was done with her abuse and stopped having her be an active part of his life to. I'm over their crazy, insane abuse!! No more!! If you are wondering how a simply phone call could turn so nasty (perhaps you haven't read my blog in the past...these people are INSANE) it was all bc we didn't send a gift to G's mom!!! Seriously!!!! She is not a part of our lives! But, the icing on the cake is.........MIL didn't even send a gift, not a card, not even a text/call/email to G to even wish him a Merry Christmas!!! He got abused, and his own mother didn't even send him anything!!! I hope the crazy old bitch G's Gma abused MIL just the same as she did him! Supposedly MIL was so upset about not getting a gift (even though she didn't send G anything) that Gma felt inclined to give her gift to MIL!!!!! INSANE!!!!!! .................................... ok, breathe in, breathe out! LOL. Well, onto 2013!! This year I'm hoping will be drama free (at least when it comes to his family) bc at this point neither G nor I want anything to do with any of them! On another, more cheerful note, may this new year bring blessings to everyone!!!! Happy 2013 all!

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