Friday, January 4, 2013

Love to the lovers!!! (You've touched my heart)

I want to extend some love and say a HUGE thank you to everyone (IRL and in cyber space)who have, after my last post, sent so many well wishes, loving words, and tremendous support. To everyone who were shocked, disgusted, upset, heartbroken and down right angry... alongside us! THANK YOU! It means so much to have such an outpouring of love....even from complete strangers. My last post has had a ton of page reads. Unfortunately I know that not all of the readers have been loving, positive, supportive people. Yes, "The Haters" (a nickname given to them by many of our supports) have read the post. Sadly none of them have shown (expressed) a shred of remorse, guilt or even disgust for their actions. Instead, they are using my post to further fuel their hateful flames and have made it their mission to show the post to as many people as they can, in a disgusting attempt to justify their abuse. " see how evil she is? You see how it is her that starts all the drama by posting the (disgusting abusive) stuff we have done, on a public forum? Don't you see?" Sadly I know that they are doing this, and saying that, bc frankly....they told me they were going to! Try as they might, there is NO way to justify what they have done!!! It doesn't surprise me that they have taken the typical abusers stance, of blaming the victim. ("See, this is why we abuse is all bc she starts all the drama, by using a public place to post about the drama we had already done!!) This is disgusting and absurd!! Which leads me into my next is it even possible for me to have caused/started the drama by posting about the abuse (drama) that has already occurred?!! Not even possible! However, in their sick minds they seem to think that I deserve to be treated this way bc I "started" it all!!It is disgusting and awful....but it has been life for G and I for the past 6.5 years!! I pray that from this day forward, we will no longer know that life. As much as I know it hurts G (even though the abuse over the years has hurt tremendously more) he now must realize that for the good of himself, his children and the family that he has created.....this must come to an end, and every abuse must be over....every abuser out of our lives! So, thank you to the LOVERS :) you have truly touched my heart. It meant so much to have so many people validate my feelings. Telling me that this is indeed disgusting, abuse, wrong, crazy.................. THANK YOU

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