Friday, January 4, 2013

EA....FET #2

I was sooooooooooo sad when the FET didn't work for our embryo adoptive mother. (We'll give her a nickname....we'll call her Elle.) I felt so badly, not bc our embryos wouldn't have a chance at life.....that thought hadn't crossed my mind at all. I felt awful bc I want Elle to be a Mom!! I love our embryos, don't get me wrong.....but I equally love and care for Elle. I so wanted this for her!! I couldn't understand why she kept apologizing to me when the test came back negative. When I finally realized that she was saying sorry bc she felt badly about the made me cry. This women had just had devastating news, and she was thinking about us and our thoughts. I hadn't even had that thought. What an amazing person you are Elle. I can assure you, that you mean so much to us and you will be an amazing mother!! Well, since the first FET didn't work, there are only 3 remaining (male) embryos. Elle went back to the RE on 12/28 and all 3 embryos were transferred in!! She has the bw next Tues. Please pray that at least one of the embryos "stick"!!!!! So hopeful for her!

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