Thursday, January 24, 2013

first steps .....

Bubba first crawled while at my parents house visiting with my brother, who was out from London for his birthday. (this was in September, Bubba was 9M.) So, it would be only fitting that Bubba should walk for the first time while my brother, uncle B, was out visiting for the holidays and my sister's wedding. That is exactly what happened!! Until January 10th, Bubba had only cruised or taken one or two steps before falling. Well, after the drive to Vegas (where my sis got married), we put Bubba down in the living room of the rented house. He stood up and walked 9 steps straight to my brother!! He hasn't stopped walking since. He walls all over the house, one room into the next. :) hard to believe that just a few weeks ago he wasn't waking at all. He is also such the talker now. He still won't say "mama", lol. But, he says "thank you" like a pro. It is adorable bc he'll even say it w/o being prompted to. I hand him something, or he hands something to me, and he'll say it! He now says "I love you" sometimes. He likes to scream "daddy" all the time too. (copying kiwi.) He imitates us all the time. He's just such a big boy now.

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