Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exciting new adventures!!! (Update on Elle, as well)

Hello all!! Hope that you are all well and that this beautiful weather we are having here in CA is also where ever you call home! It is amazing outside!!!! This spring and summer are bringing some new adventures for us here at Mommyfromivf. :) No, I'm not pregnant...nor do I ever wish to be again! LOL. Our family is complete!! Next month, my wonderful parents (seriously, how did I get so blessed?) are taking G, the kids and I on an amazing adventure..... FL!! Yes, we are jumping to the other coast for an 8 day adventure! Of course we'll see Disney World, Universal Orlando (I'm soooooooo looking forward to Harry Potter there)and anything else that my parents have planed for us. G and I will be celebrating 6 years of marriage (on an airplane) the day we come home from FL! Hoping that we can get a romantic dinner in during our trip! 6 years!! Hard to believe that we've been married for that long....especially w/ all the negativity and drama from his "family". But, we've done it! (Lasted longer than my first marriage....and (just to twist the knife...and for some payback,) longer than SIL's marriage. (Always feels good to be able to say "I told you so". LOL.) The other BIG thing happening for us, some time w/in (hopefully) the next 60 days and July.....we are expanding our surroundings!! (So, lame that I can't write exactly what is happening, but G (on his own...I was very shocked when he told me) has made the decision to not tell his family bc he doesn't want the drama that will come with something good happening to us, and bc none of them are a part of our lives...and I know that they read this still.) MOVEing on....LOL!! I'll tell you more once the news has been broken (on fb I'm sure.)But, it's big (and beautiful.LOL)!!!! I also received an amazing update from Elle (the women who adopted our embryos.)After the failed FET, her and her hubby had decided to move onto domestic infant adoption. She emailed me yesterday and told me that they have been chosen by a birthmother!!!! Their baby is due Sept. 9th!!!! As if that wasn't amazing enough.... they have also been matched with an embryo placing family on MW...and have adopted 2 embryos!!!!! So happy for Elle!!!! So glad everyone is doing well and we are all MOVEing onto new and exciting adventures!:) Happy spring everyone!!!

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