Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love is love!!! Equality now!!

As a human, I support!!!!!! We need a country that supports as well!! Equality is needed NOW!! I support equality and gay marriage because it is the RIGHT thing to do!! I am Christian and believe in the Golden Rule (do unto others what you would have done unto you!!) I am also a proud sister of a gay man!! Most important....I am a mother!! I want this world to be the best world possible for my children to grow up in, become adults in, start and raise their families in!! In order to have that, equality MUST happen!! My kids are young, they don't know at this point what gender they are attracted to.... they may be straight, or gay. I honestly don't care!!!!!!! BUT, if they are gay, then I certainly want them to live a full life.... one that any of their straight peers (and any other straight person) gets to enjoy! I would HATE for either Kiwi or Bubba to not be able to legally marry the person they love!!! That is disgusting!!! LOVE IS LOVE!! As a straight person, did you wake up one day and choose to feel attracted to someone of the opposite gender? Was it a conscience choose? Where your feelings for both genders equal, and you simply choose the opposite sex???? OR (most likely) did you truly feel attracted to only one gender????? That is the truth here, you didn't choose to be attracted to the opposite gender........just as a gay person didn't choose to be attracted to the same sex!!!! WAKE UP!!!! EQUALITY NOW!!!

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