Monday, May 16, 2016

From over the moon to devastated...rough month's only mid month it's already been a bad one. Some back story: I went to the OB for the first time on April 21st and got to see the baby moving all over. :) The next day I went and had the Harmony blood test is a blood test that is able to see if the baby will have downs or other genetic disorders and it can tell you the gender. On the following Monday I got the call that the baby is a BOY and that everything is perfect (no genetic issues.)We were all over the moon excited! My IFs sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a blue teddy bear, I received that on Wednesday, the 4th. Then, on the 5th I went to my 2nd OB appt. (The first was just 2 weeks before.)This was my first appt alone (no Daddies or case manager.) The doc couldn't see a heartbeat...and neither could I! We were devastated! I went to radiology to get a second ultrasound done to confirm that the baby boy had passed....and it was confirmed. I was 13 weeks pregnant, beginning the 2nd trimester (3 months along) and the baby was gone!He measured at 12 weeks and a few days. :( I had to wait for my insurance to approve the d&c 6 days after finding out...and carrying a dead baby....I had the surgery. It has been 5 days now...I'm doing ok...but emotionally this has caused some damage. I'm still deciding if I want to go through another transfer. If I decide to move forward and do it again, I have asked to do it mid to late September. That will give me the summer to recover...and it will allow my family to take a camping trip over labor day weekend. Plus, it will give a due date of June...after school is out.

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  1. Hello Kim! I found your blog from all things surrogacy and just read all if your post! I'm so so sorry! How heartbreaking to go from happy to devastating.

    I went through 3 failed transfers and felt like crap so I kind if know the feeling. You're so awesome for doing this no matter what you decide you want to do next! Please keep updating!