Tuesday, May 24, 2016

one foot in front of the other...there we go

So, D&C was just about two weeks ago. I am feeling and recovering ok. I had a neck and headache for a full week...before I went to the chiropractor, after an adjustment it has been gone! Today I got the test results back from the tissue sampling they did from the d&c. The results confirmed that the baby was male, with no chromosomal abnormalities. Which on the one hand is great to know...moving forward, since the remaining frozen embryos are untested as well. But a hard pill to swallow on the other hand bc we have no definite answers as to why this happened...especially so late. I have been reassured numerous times by the OB that sometimes this just happens...that I have done nothing wrong to cause it. But, it still sucks! :( Last I heard from my SCM, the IFs want to move forward and continue to have me as their surrogate. I sent an email to my RE nurse last week to inquire about next steps and timeframe, etc. (She is out of the office until late month.) After being reassured by these results that it wasn't genes...I feel confident in moving forward with transferring the embryos that are untested. So, I'm looking forward to a late September transfer at the earliest.

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