Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time to catch up

It has been awhile since I've posted. Not that there is anything new or exciting to post about (nor is anyone following me to read this...LOL.)I can't believe Christmas is only 8 days away! This year has flown by!!

Incredibly, I only have 2 people to shop for still. My amazing parents took Kiwi to Sea World for the day last weekend. That gave G and I the whole day to ourselves. It was great! We went and had a couples massage, and then got all of our Christmas shopping done (we forgot one person, and then I decided to to pick a name off the angel tree as well, so 2 more to shop for now.)We went grocery shopping a few days ago, so I have all the food for the Christmas Eve gathering we're hosting! I am so excited! Our first Christmas back home. Our first Christmas in our house as a family. (G and I moved right after we got married, so this is our first Christmas in our house married as well.)

G and my dad put the Christmas lights up outside last night. I still have to decorate inside....I'm a procrastenater. (I just put away my Halloween decorations last week. LOL.)On our date day, G and I got our beautiful Christmas tree, hopefully we'll get to decorate that this weekend. I just love Christmas. Everyone is so cheery and family time is in abundance.

On the ivf front: We are still hoping to do ivf in March. However, money is tight. (We are like a large portion of Americans, and don't have any savings.) Thankfully I have a very strong support system. We were able to borrow from family for our first ivf, and they have agreed to loan to us again this time....however, they want all of our credit card debt gone before they will. We moved back 7 months ago with no debt, but now have nearly $9000!!! G needing tools for work is the big portion of the debt, but we did get a brand new ultra nice fridge a few weeks ago. So, I am hoping that our tax return refund will be a big one. But, I don't think it will cover the entire debt. I really want Kiwi to have a sibling close in age to her. Starting the process in March would put her and the baby 2.5 years apart, perfect.


  1. Good luck getting the debt paid off so IVF in March can happen! Enjoy your Christmas celebration!

  2. Good luck! If you haven't yet looked into it, Jesse and I did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. It's an AWESOME program. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Here from ICLW :) Good luck with the debt payment so you are able to do your IVF next year!

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  5. Thank you all for stopping by and for the well wishes!! merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all!