Friday, January 21, 2011

I got an award!!!!

Wow, an award!!! My very first award. Although I don't feel very stylish, especially as I have really no clue what I am doing with this blog thing......I am still very thankful to have gotten this award. A huge thank you to Michelle

Here are the rules for the acceptance of the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 other bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

So, now then, 7 things about me:

1.) I am a huge Coldstone junkie. Actually, more of a Mud Pie Mojo-alholic. We seriously go to Coldstone at least once a week. We know the workers by name. Kiwi even knows their names and thanks them for her ice cream. (Of coarse she shares with us, we don't give her her own cup or anything. LOL.)

2.) I had braces for 4 1/2 years and my teeth still aren't straight. Around the time of my 16th bday I said enough was enough and they were removed. Prior to braces, I had retainers my whole life (all through elementary school) and RB bands (which were braces, but a different name. They were only on my 4 top, front teeth.) My two to, front teeth came in all jacked up. LOL. The right one was completely sideways, and the left came in on the roof of my mouth. I had this very painful retainer with a metal scrapper thing that pushed the tooth to where it was supposed to be. Three times (once while I had braces) I had to have a retainer on top that used a key to turn it, making my mouth bigger. Basically my mouth was too small for all my teeth. (Even with having 4 teeth removed prior to getting braces.) It was awful for me and I'm sure a ton of money for my parents. I hope Kiwi (and any other kid/s we have) don't have my teeth issues.

3.) I'll admit it, I like the Bachelor/ette. I've watched every season but 3 maybe. (I didn't watch the London one all the way through, nor the one with the Prince, and I really didn't like Deanna from Brad's first season, so I didn't watch her season.) I guess I love the fairytale part of it. Plus, the drama and cat fights are always entertaining. :)

4.) I also love the Amazing Race! I literally watch it and think that it is me racing to win. I think of how I'd do at the challenge. Whether I would do the task, or if G would do it. OR, if it was family Amazing Race would be Dad do a task, or my mom. Would be better to race with? My brother does have the world traveling experience and is great with languages. The funniest thing though, is that I know G is sitting next to me doing the same thing (in his head) that I am. LOL.

5.) I hate cherries!! As you can tell from #1, I love ice cream. When Coldstone is not available (or when G has has enough of that,) we do go to Baskin Robbins. I recall one time that we ordered it to go, were driving home while I eagerly ate my treat....and wham, the gross taste of a cherry ruined the yumminess. LOL. I literally screamed for G to pull over. He must've thought I was crazy, or hurt or something. However, he pulled over on the side of the road (a less traveled street thank goodness) and I opened my door and spit the entire mouthful out. He was very pissed that I yelled for him to pull over for that....then he teased me forever about it. LOL

6.) I was a girl scout. I love the whole system of scouting and can't wait for Kiwi to be one. I was a scout from Daisy (Kindergarten) to Cadette (Jr. High.) My family moved when I was in 7th grade and the troops by us (as was told to my mom) were very cliquish and didn't fare well with new people. So, I didn't continue through high school. However, my Mom was a leader for over 20 years (from when I was in Kindergarten until well past when my little sister graduated high school.) She was always my leader (or co-leader) and my sister's. She made scouting amazing!! i really want her to be a co-leader with me for Kiwi. Along the scouting lines, I am proud to say that (with my Mom pushing her) my sister got her Gold Award (equal to a Boy Scout's eagle award.) Plus, my dad and all but 1 of his brothers all got their Eagle....and G is an eagle scout as well!!!

7.) I listen to and love country music. MY very first boyfriend got me hooked on it in Jr. High. I've listened to it since. Even while being teased by my entire family and all of my friends.(Who know seem to listen to at least some country.) :)There is s country western bar/club near where I love. I used to go every weekend, until about 3 years ago when I moved out of the area...and now that I am back, I've only gone once (while my parents sat Kiwi.) I love to line dance and was pretty darn good at it. If you haven't tried it, do it!!! It is great fun and great exercise.

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Oh, this was fun!!! Thanks again Michelle!!


  1. oh congrats!!! How fun!! lol and Thank you!!! I am trying to play it off all cool here..but I am so excite..I got an Award!! yayayayaya! :) Coldstone...yummy!! My weak spot really.
    I never had braces thankfully..but my brother was hard on him amazing race..I would be the one with my husband yelling the whole time. We love each other..but no way..we are way too stubborn.
    seriously?..Cherries..who hates cherries!! lol husband does..I really do not get it! they are so fun to eat. Country..that is something of a story..and I will tell it later.because I am probably taking way too much space on this comment..but ...Love it! garth brooks, Alison Kraus, Reba, Chicks, Dolly,Alan jackson, George strait....:)

  2. Thanks for my blog award!!! It's my first one! How do I get the picture and put it in my blog?

    What's wrong with Cherries? Yum.

  3. Thanks for the award, that was so sweet of you:) I also LOVE coldstone...SO good!!! It was nice getting to know more about you!

  4. oh do I get post it on my blog!:)

  5. @Shona and Marilyn: There may be an easier way to do it, but I am not too computer smart. So, here is what I did. I right nouse clicked on the image of the award and hit save picture. Then I copied the rules and pasted them to my new blog post page. To add the picture to your blog there is an image button(at least in the format I have)on top of where you write. I clicked that and choose where I wanted the image to go on my post and then downloaded the image from my pictures on my computer (where I had saved it.) I hope that makes since. To link other people's blogs to your post was easy too. I did some research, but learned that if you write their name and then highlight it, hit the link button (on top near the image button.) A pop up window will open allowing you to put their blogs link (url) in....therefore linking them. Again, I hope this all makes since. :)

  6. Thanks for the award. Reading your 7 things I felt like I was reading a close friends post. I love Amazing Race, Bachelor/ette, LOVED Coldstone when then were here, I too was a girl scout and loved all the things we did, Camping and cookies was my absolute favorite. And an ex got me turned onto Country Music. Well he pushed me over the edge to it as I was on the fence :)

  7. I do remember the stunt guys. Do you remember Rob and Amber? Anyway my friends husband took her to their house. They were originally just going to drive by but Rob and Amber were outside and they decided to stop and say hi. They got to go in their house and have a chat. That's as close as I got to "brush with fame" LOL!