Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! 2011 is here! I hope that this year sends everyone home with a baby (or gets everyone pregnant with a baby/ies.)

Boy, the week between Christmas and New Years fly by!!! I mean I knew the dates the entire time, but, it seemed like it was only a few days, not a whole week. I finally dawned on me last night, not bc it was the 2nd, but bc G happily exclaimed that Friday was pay day. I gave him a strange look and said, "yeah, last Friday, Christmas Eve, a few days ago." He looked at me like I was stupid and informed me that it was the 2nd.....yes, I know....he gets paid every two weeks, do the math. DUH!!!!!

We spent our days pretty busy. Returning gifts, buying things we got money for, going out to dinner. G went back to work on Monday after Christmas. He didn't have any vacation days, and we need the money. Then Tues and Weds Kiwi and I went to Vegas to visit my Grandma and Great Grandma. The big factors were that Kiwi was sick. She's had a cold since the 19th. (The cold was confirmed at her follow up appt on the 22nd. The follow up was to follow up from an appt 2 weeks before where fluid was found in her ears. The fluid was found at her follow up appt to the appt the day before Thanksgiving. The one where the nurse practitioner (NP) said she had an ear infection and a mild case of whopping cough. WHOPPING COUGH!? She's had all her shots! That dx sent G and I running to urgent care to make sure we didn't have it. Since we both had colds, and it was the day before Thanksgiving and we'd be seeing my family, didn't want to get anyone deathly sick. The PA at urgent care assured us that we didn't have it, and neither did Kiwi. Pissed me off that NP didn't give Kiwi a swab to check....but anyway!!!) The day we left for Vegas, Kiwi woke up throwing up mucus. Great!! I called the doc's office and asked if there was something she could take to help dry up the mucus. Nope. Humidifier and take her in the bathroom and run the shower was their answer. (The latter made her vomit everything she had eaten that day. Poor thing.) Finally took her in on Thursday to find out that the cold had turned into a sinus infection. She is still sick, vomited last night, and has had major blow out diapers (every time) since Saturday!!! Doc has today changed her meds. Hoping that she gets better soon!!!

We had a very quite New Year's Eve. Just the 3 of us at home. Kiwi went to bed at 9, and G watched movies and I read until midnight when the 2 of us counted down and started the year with a kiss. Then I went off to bed.

The 1st day of 2011 found me in bed, vomiting!!! Joy!! I spent all day in bed. I still have a cold, which I felt coming on since Thursday. I just want all this sickness to leave our house for good!!!!

I hope everyone else had a good NYE. We'll be taking Kiwi to Disneyland for the first time on the 16th!! I can't wait!!! She loves Mickey and Pooh Bear, so I know she'll have a blast.

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  1. Oh Disneyland!! Fun!! I hope you feel are going to need it!! :) Happy New Year!!