Friday, January 28, 2011

Mommy to a genius!!!

Ok, I do feel very proud of Kiwi, and I have bragged a little on here about her above average vocal, speech and language abilities. I knew from her 12 month check up appt that she was at least 6 months ahead. However, I figured that she was smart, nothing more than smart. Especially when she walked later than most (14 months.) Well, today I learned that my kid is way more than just smart!!!

I took Kiwi in today for her 18 month check up. After waiting 30 minutes (during which Kiwi sang her ABCs all the way through several times, counted to 10 several times and told me what at least 20 animals say) the doctor finally comes in. "Hi. Is she laughing, smiling, babbling?" I said "yes,yes and actually, she talks." The doctor politely smiled and said ok. She look Kiwi over and said she looked great. She is still very petite, but doc isn't worried about it. GREAT!! I'm holding Kiwi in my arms and she says "I want down." So, I put her down onto the examination table (she likes to dance on the crinkle paper) not thinking anything of it. She talks way more than that and even sings whole entire songs. However, the doc stopped what she was saying and looked at me. "Did she just say "I want down?!" This is how the rest of the visit went:

Me: Yes. I told you, she talks.
Doc: She's a genius!!
Kiwi: (W/o being prompted) "Thank you Dr. Hurwitz (not an easy name to say, and she didn't butcher it even.)
Doc (jaw dropping open) This is like Twilight Zone stuff! No one at this age, or....(she trails off)....She's really a genius!!!
Me: (Blushing) Thank you.
Doc (cutting me off) No, you don't understand....she's a genius!! She must have an IQ of 160!!
Kiwi: (at this point is looking at a piece of paper with all her info on it, weight, etc.) A, B, C....
Doc: Genius!! You just don't get it!!! Here is what I want you to do.......(insert boring doc talk about what I should buy for her, blocks of different sizes, piano with colored keys so she can match the note to the color....blah blah.....) Look I literally have goose bumps (which she showed me, and she did.)
Doc: (walking out the door) She is a genius!!! I'm telling you, an IQ of between 140 and 160!!!

Well, what does all this mean for Kiwi? I don't want all this pressure on her. I just want her to be a kid and have fun. But goodness, it does feel good that I made a genius!! :)

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  1. wouldn't hurt to maybe really challenge her though. It may just be a great gift!! Congrats!!!