Friday, February 4, 2011

Another fun weekend ahead...which has turned me into one of "those" Mom's

12 days until our first ivf #2 appt!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

One of my Mom's best and longest friends (since elementary school) is coming for a visit. She, her hubby and daughter are escaping the cold of Iowa for sunny CA. They fly in today at sometime, hopefully, if the weather allows them. We'll be heading to San Diego for a fun filled weekend of seeing some amazing animals!! Going to Sea World (Kiwi loves Shamu, this will be her 3rd time going. She even sings the Shamu song that she heard back this summer) and then going to the Zoo (kiwi's first time going to the SD Zoo, it's huge and she loves the small zoos we've been to so far, so I know she'll love it.)

So with trips to two amusement parks, I was left with making a decision. One I swore I'd never make. LOL. It's official, I have turned into one of those Mom's who put their kid/s on a leash!!! Yuck!! One of my hugest pet peeves. I would always look at the parents with disgust and think" your kid isn't a dog." I mean, my goodness, a child should be able to hold your hand and behave well. LOL. HA HA HA!!! After Disneyland, I realized a)that she likes to run all over and b) doesn't like to even go into the stroller at all. So, my kid will be on a leash this weekend. (Please, no dirty glares if you see us. LOL.) Kiwi picked out an adorable puppy back pack style leash. Grandpa was there when we got it, so the dog even told him his name, Rufus. Hopefully she'll enjoy it and it won't be a waste of money. As I'm thinking that after being on her back for a few minutes she'll want it off.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. When I finally get into the mommy club- I am so going to get a leash! i do not is not even a question. Sorry- it didn't work out for you..