Thursday, February 10, 2011

let the countdown begin

6 more days!!!! I'm so excited, and nervous. Our RE appt is in 6 days. I have a list of questions going. I'm bummed that G won't be able to go with me. Plus, I just found out that my sister has minor out patient surgery the day before, so my Mom may have to spend the 16th (day of our appt) with her, if she's not feeling well still. So, I may end up going to my appt completely alone, as my Dad will have to stay at my house and watch Kiwi. All that is making me more nervous.

On a lighter note, we had such a great time last weekend in San Diego. Sea World was a ton of fun. As I predicted though, the puppy back pack leash lasted a whole minute before she complained. :) However, there were so many of us adults there to encourage her to wear "Rufus" that she did, the entire day and the next at the Zoo as well.

Saturday we got a later start than I wanted to. I am not a morning person at all, so I overslept. Then, I hate having to wake Kiwi up, so I waited to the last possible minute to wake her. Which ended up rushing her bfast, but we hit the road only 10 minutes late. Get in the car, and notice I am nearly empty on gas. Great, made us later. However, fun day at Sea World....w/o a nap. Turned into a very rough night for all (except G who had been up since 2 am, and can sleep through anything as it is.) It took both my Mom and I 2 hours to get Kiwi to finally fall asleep. (Too much excitement, over tired, and being in the same room as Grandpa, Grammie, Daddy and Mommy made her not want to go to bed.) However, she woke up 45 mins later. Thankfully she fell back to sleep quickly, and I finally got to bed at midnight. That is, until 3 am, when she woke up again. That time she wasn't going back to bed at all. Finally at 5:15 G woke up and took her out for a drive.....for 2 hours!!! My parents and I got to sleep, but Kiwi didn't. He finally brought her back at about 7:30 am and she had just fallen asleep. Which was about the time we were all supposed to be getting up for bfast and the Zoo. I volunteered to stay and sleep with her for an extra hour, while everyone else ate. :)I was a grouch at the Zoo, but it still was a fun day. Great to see Kiwi get excited about the animals!!

I hope that everyone else had a good weekend. Anyone have Valentine's day plans? We don't celebrate it. It is such a Hallmark Holiday. My parents do come watch Kiwi for us once a month so we can have a date night, which we have planned for the 19th.


  1. Yay! 6 more days!!! I am so excited for you!!!
    That is so sad no one will be with you. if you have a smart phone- you can bring us with you and tell us the time and we can all support you. Well. I will do that!!

  2. @Marilyn: Thank you so much. That is so sweet that you'd do that fo rme. :) Big hugs for you!!! XOXO. I don't think I have a smart phone. I know that I don't have internet (at least I don't pay for internet, if I do have it.)