Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Counting our blessings

G and I were hoping and wishing for twins. Boy/girl twins to be exact. At least 4 staffers (including my doc) at our fertility clinic had done ivf through them and had gotten boy/girl twins as a result. We were hopeful. That outcome would mean that our family would Be complete!

On December 1st, we made the 3 hour drive to our RE office. G sat in the room with me as the did the (internal) u/s (ultrasound.) It was a very bittersweet moment when we heard the doc say that we were right to have him put in 3 embryos, we were pregnant with 1 baby! Bitter because that meant that we would have to complete our family later (by ivf or adoption.) Sweet bc we were pregnant!!!

Hearing the precious heartbeat made everything all better and worth while. It was amazing to hear the heart and later feel the kicks and movement. That appt on Dec. 1st was our last with our amazing miracle worker, RE. With just one baby in the belly, we went to my local OBGYN.

Pretty early on my OB doc predicted that we were having a boy. His predictions were based on the babies heartbeat. G was so excited! He wanted a boy, I preferred to have a girl first (I am the oldest, and my mom always said that I was a big help with my younger siblings, I wanted the same.) However, I honestly didn't care either way, as long as the baby was healthy.

So, hearing that it was most likely a boy was good news because that meant that I would never again have to go through the ivf ordeal! The meds., shots, pain, etc. We would adopt a girl when we felt the time was right.

How accurate is the heartbeat method of predicting gender? We shall find out......

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