Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our miracle!!!

During the pregnancy, we were living in a small military town. There were only 2 OBGYNs, one was like 80 yrs old. So, my doc was always extremely busy. The day of the BIG u/s finally arrived. G and I were so excited to get the confirmation of gender, and to make sure that the baby was growing right, etc.

Well, after waiting for over an hour and a half, we finally go back and the doc informs us that he is already late for surgery. He would only have time to check externally (with some weird device) for the heartbeat. I was crushed....and extremely pissed off. He told us that everything sounded good and to come back in a month for the u/s. WTF!!!

A few days later, I called my doc's office and demanded that I be seen for the u/s. I wanted to make sure that the baby was growing properly, plus, I wanted to know the sex for sure darn it! They sent me to the u/s tech at our local hospital. That was a blessing! She was great! She spent over an hour with us. (My doc would've spent 10 minutes.) G was late to the appt bc of work, so the tech spent so much time just looking at everything, taking pics and showing me as much as she could of the baby. I got to see a smile, blink and so much more. It was amazing!!

We were having a GIRL!!! G made the poor tech show him proof multiple times! LOL. He was holding out hope though, he wanted to wait until our next appt with the OBGYN before jumping to any conclusions. :) I went to the local children's consignment store and convinced G to allow me to buy a few (like 2) girly things. I also bought some gender neutral clothes and a few boyish bibs, just in case.

At our next appt., the doc confirmed that we were indeed having a girl. However, I honestly believe that G was holding out hope until the birth. Didn't help that my awful w(b)itch of a MIL was telling him that u/s aren't always right. Apparently my BIL was a girl on EVERY u/s MIL had. It was a huge surprise to everyone (her doc included) when she came out a he! :) Poor BIL went home in pink. LOL.

I had a great and smooth pregnancy. No morning sickness or any other bad side effects. I only had minor nausea twice. I only gained 23 pounds. (19 of which I lost w/in 4 days of delivery.) I was very blessed. So, I was hoping and praying for a smooth labor and vaginal birth.

Our baby girl was due July 20th. Early on in the pregnancy (and many time during) I told my doc that my mom, grandma and great grandma all had trouble delivering due to small pelvic areas. Finally, a week before our due date (after we paid money to attend birthing classes) he checked my pelvic area. He told me that he felt I wouldn't be able to deliver the baby. After everything we had gone through to get pregnant, he didn't want (nor did we) to take any risks. So, we decided on planned c-section.

It was great to be able to choice my daughter's birthday. I was born on the 30th, my brother and sister were both born on the 3rd, and G was born in the third, I choose the 23rd. On the 23rd, I went to the hospital in the late morning. The got me all prepped for my 12:00 c-section. I think it was 5 till when they wheeled me back to the OR. The epidural was awful. For some reason, it sent electric type shocks down my right leg, causing it to bounce and me to move. I cried through it, squeezing the crap out of the nurses hand. They got everything set up and my doc walked in to say hi. He was carrying Taco Bell, his lunch. So, I had to lay there and hear all the docs and nurses talking about the "Yo quiero" Taco Bell dog. Apparently the dog had died that day.

To preform the surgery they used this huge round light. The angle the light was above my head, I could see everything. I saw them cut me open....before G was even in the room....I cried as I saw them take the baby out. To me, that was amazing!!! I couldn't hold her until after recovery, but I was the first to see her!!!

Recovery felt like forever, although I believe it was only an hour. They took me into my room and I was greeted with the smiling proud faces of my parents, brother and sister (first time grandparents, uncle and aunt.) Unfortunately the w(b)itch weaseled her way into the room and situation as well. (But, MIL is for another blog entirely. LOL.)

"Kiwi" was so beautiful and amazing! I was in love with her! She was born at 12:37 pm, weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long!!! My miracle baby was here in my arms!! I am so blessed!!!!!

The c-section went amazingly well. I recovered amazingly. I wanted to get up and walk, shower as soon as I was allowed. They only thing that caused me much pain was my breasts. I choose to breast feed. Neither Kiwi or I took to it very well. I ended up having to go to my doc 4 days after Kiwi was born bc of major engorgement. I had double mastitis!!!!! It was awful. I got it again in November. (However, I ended up nursing until Kiwi decided to stop, she was 12 and half months old.)

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