Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our IVF journey begins

We adored our RE at the new place. We felt "at home" with him and his amazing staff. He told us that there has not been any evidence either way regarding ivf with blocked tubes. Some docs have had success with tubal blocks, others haven't. He basically left the choice to me as to if I wanted to have the surgery or not. He also discussed all the ivf details with us. G and I left his office, on our anniversary, feeling optimistic about everything.

We went back a few weeks later to pay the (HUGE!!!!) fees and get get the prescriptions. I decided to not have the surgery, we would do the ivf and pray it worked. If it didn't, we would cross that bridge later. We paid for 2 fresh ivf cycles, just in case.

I began taking the meds and G started injecting me (no way was I going to be able to put the needle in myself. LOL.) We made the 3 hour drive many times for check ups. Then, the 3rd week of June, we did our ER (egg retrieval.) 14 eggs were taken out! G's contribution was added to my eggs, and the were left to create life for 5 days. We did our ET (embryo transfer, the eggs had been fertilized, and now were embryos) 5 days after the ER. My RE recommends 2 days of bed rest. So, we stayed with my parents and I stayed in bed. Literally, only getting up to use the restroom. My parents and G were so amazing. Catering to me, playing cards and watching tv with me in the room.

Then came the worst thing, the 2 week wait (or 2ww in ivf terms.) We had to wait for 2 weeks before we could get the blood test done to see if all the work (meds, injections, ER, ET, bed rest, money, time, etc) had worked, if we were pregnant!

...................................To Be Continued..................................

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