Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let the testing begin

We went to a OBGYN. She told us to start doing the basal body temp chart. That was pointless, and a major waste of precious time. Then she ordered blood work. My prolactin levels were way elevated. So, she ordered a CAT scan to see if I had a tumor on my pituitary gland. Thankfully the scan came back normal. I was put on meds to lower my prolactin levels, and ordered to continue ttc as normal. Like it would be that simple? A few drugs and then wham....prego! Not for us! It was sort of a blessing when that doctor moved out of the area and I was forced to find a new doctor. My new doc immediately scheduled a hsg test. (Where they inject dye into the uterus to see if the Fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged.) He also had G do a semen analysis. While G's test came back with flying colors (he was nick named super sperm by a doctor,) mine did not.

Sitting in the doctor's office with G that day and listening to the doc tell me that the only way I will ever be able to get pregnant is through IVF (invitro fertilization) was one of the worst days of my life. All this time and it was me who was the problem. (Of course I still feel sometimes that this is God's way of punishing me.) The hsg showed that both of my tubes were blocked with liquid. I confirmed with G that he still wanted to do ivf. I told him that I would do it, once. If it worked and we had a boy, then we would adopt a girl in the future. If it worked and we had a girl, then I'd see about doing it again for a boy. Keeping true to my word, with a heavy heart, I started my reseacrh into ivf, as well as the medical condition I had (blocked tubes.) My doctor basically said that fixing the tubes, or removing them would be up to the RE (ivf doc. Reproductive Endocrinologist.)

I found 2 RE that I liked. Both were hours away from where we lived. I set an appt with the one that was closest to us. G and I made the drive and met with the doc. It just didn't feel right. The doc made G feel bad bc he was young. It was like he thought we should wait longer, like he didn't think that my age mattered. He also wanted to do the surgery to remove my tubes. I was not keen to the idea of removing them. There was ways to do surgery to unblock and reopen the tubes, but from what I learned, the procedure doesn't always work, and if it does work, the tubes can close back up on their own shortly after being "fixed." Like I said, he just didn't feel right to us. He was not friendly. Not really someone we would want to start our family with. Needless to say, we left his office, our first ivf appt, bummed and full of doubts.

Thankfully, I pushed on. I set an appt with the other RE, and on our 1 year wedding anniversary, we met the man that would bring us our miracle!

......................................To Be Continued...............................

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